Raven: Black Rose

R. T. Green

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When Satan's little helper gets real, everyone feels the heat!

Raven and Mika discover the horrifying message of the black rose. But it's very bad news for Mika.

Once again the guys have to travel through time, and face up to some very dangerous characters. But this time it is Mika's life at stake, and it's down to the others to save her. But when they find themselves up against a Voodoo high sorceress with nothing left to lose, and three famous pirates in a very precarious situation, it starts to become clear nothing is going to be easy.

'Black Rose' is a swashbuckling, nail-biting adventure set in the dangerous world of early-eighteenth-century Jamaica, where Caribbean pirates still rule the waves, and mystical dark forces seem to be lurking in every shadow…

The 'Raven' Series -

"Raven is a perfect blend of romance, comedy, action-horror and fantasy. Full of moments to make you giggle, and then reach for the tissue-box!"

Meet Raven… she's feisty, spirited, and has a tendency to get lost in the game. And she was born at the age of twenty-seven. She wasn't allowed to think her own thoughts, or make a single move unless someone else wanted her to. That's what life was like, for a character in a book.

The author of the book, Mika Mills, knew all good writers tried to bring their characters to life… but there were limits! And when it all began one fateful, life-changing night, those limits were not only exceeded, but banished to the other side of the universe forever!

One moment it was a story about she-devils and Satan, then came the storm with strange red lightning, and suddenly the novel became a biography. And both she and Raven had starring roles.

Neither of them realized it was just the beginning of their spectacular new lives, or that their destinies had been shaped by an ancient scribe and an even older mystical tablet… their futures woven together through the pages of time itself.

But they were just about to find out…

"If you've had your fill of same-old, try a little Raven!"

I guess if it came down to summing up my work in one sentence, Kate Winslet said it best...

"You don't choose who you fall in love with, do you?"

Those words are oh so true. I write love stories, but always with a hint of the unusual. Ok, perhaps more than a hint, much of the time! I weave those love stories into plots that are often many-layered, which I try to craft into good storytelling. I like to create something different, so you will never find a regular romance novel on my shelf… and quite frankly, there are a whole lot of brilliant writers out there who do that kind of thing way better than I would.

So if you enjoy a love story with an equally-important fast-paced (and often epic!) plot wrapped around it, then my books may appeal to you. If you're unsure, well… all I can ask is you give me a try. I may just surprise you!

Check me out at rtgreen.net


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Erscheinungsdatum 11.11.2020
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781393948629
Verlag R T Green
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