The Explanation of Behaviour

Charles Taylor

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Charles Taylor is Professor Emeritus at McGill University, Canada. The author of many books on social and political philosophy, the philosophy of mind and language and the history of philosophy, he is one of the best-known and widely read philosophers in the world. He is also a prominent figure in Canadian politics and is a prominent voice in debates about liberalism and multiculturalism.


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  • Foreword to the Routledge Classics EditionAlva Noë Preface to the Routledge Classics EditionCharles Taylor Part 1: Explanation by Purpose 1. Purpose and Teleology 2. Action and Desire 3. Intentionality 4. The Data Language 5. The Problem of Verification Part 2: Theory and Fact 6. The Determinants of Learning 7. What Is Learned? 8. Spatial Orientation 9. The Direction of Behaviour 10. The Ends of Behaviour 11. Conclusion. Index