1,2,3 How U' Doin' Honeybee? A Quick Emotional First Aid Routine for Tired Parents Who Love Their Kids.

Old Dad New Tricks

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What is emotional first aid?

Be honest, do you care?

Or do you just care about your kids: calmer, happier kids (and maybe your partner too ;-) with a lot less work?

Emotional first aid's next step in looking after kids once you know they are physically okay.

A kid's world is big, new and sometimes scary but always confusing. They have big emotions that they do not understand or always have control over. Kids needs a safe, calm harbour in those dizzying seconds when they lose it. They will gravitate to a calm and consistent adult who listens, understands and is on their side.

Be that parent.

We are about helping you NOW. Not in the months it takes you to find then read a book forget it, reread and then actually have time to absorb it.

SImple, cheap, practical actions you can take, from parents who have been there. Some of our team have been in some absoute hell situations, so if there something you need but do not see, send us an email.


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