Poetry To End Prohibition

Thundercloud Repairian

Love and Lust in Nimbin Band 3

James Arthur Warren

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Poetry to End Prohibition was written by James Arthur Warren aka Thundercloud Repairian over a three year period of living in Nimbin
The first time I saw the Tawny frogmouth I took the photo on the cover. The next morning I found him dead on the ground, That was in 2016.
In 2019 Living at Lillian Rock, a healing place I saw the Tawny Frogmouth and his family again.
The Tawny Frogmouth on Prohibition poem was written over a period of months. The first visit from the Tawny Frogmouth came one morning before Nimbin Mardi Grass in 2019. He appeared twice more that weekend and each morning I wrote down the messages that he brought me.
I ended up with five large poems including one on women's incarceration. I took the five poems honed, edited and practiced until perfect and delivered them in the 2019 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup.
It was a while before I saw him again
the tawny frogmouth came and told me about his pain
The last time I saw him this is what he said,
"Publish your book I heard it in my head
Publish your book to eliminate my pain
Prohibition is driving me fucking insane"
Prohibition destroys lives of the rich and the poor
Please change this insanity, please I implore"


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