Deterrent or Defense

B. H. Liddell Hart

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Here is a much-needed assessment and summing-up on four current strategic situation by B. H. Liddell Hart, the leading military analyst of our time. Taking a clear, hard look at Western defense capabilities and strategic planning, particularly as they are embodied in NATO, he has come up with suggestions for radical but vital revisions in our defense policies.Fifteen years have elapsed since Captain Liddell Hart forecast the consequences of atom-bomb diplomacy. Now, as the NATO powers move uneasily forward in the 1960's, he shows how the development of the H-bomb-and, indeed, the multiplication in general of nuclear weapons on both sides-has become on the one hand, increasingly self-inhibiting, and, on the other, increasingly precarious as a protective insurance policy, especially in view of the development of log-range missiles.The natural consequences of the current nuclear parity is nuclear nullity. Thus, the nuclear deterrent, in which the West has put so much trust, is fading except as a deterrent to its own kind of action. But the Western powers have not yet come to grips with the problem of finding an adequate and effective replacement for this "e;fading deterrent."e; As a result, the West now finds itself gravely hampered in any attempt to resist the more subtle forms of aggression and pressure.Having carefully analyzed the ailment, the author offers a hopeful cure, demonstrating how the weakness of the West's present position can be remedied without an intolerable outlay in strain and cost.


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