7 Shrinks

60 Years in an Undiagnosed Altered State

Carol Prisant

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Imagine going to sleep one night as yourself-the emotional, anxious person you've been all your life-but on awakening, not being able to recognize your face and body in the mirror. No longer feeling empathy, joy or love. But feeling no anxieties at all.

Imagine being afraid you've gone insane, and living in terror that all who know you might find out. Imagine trying to describe your 'altered state' to a succession of doubting psychiatrists.

And now imagine that lasts for sixty years.

Carol Prisant lives in Manhattan with an almost-embarrassing, but beloved. three-pound dog, and she writes. But she used to be, in no particular order: a page at a library-when there were pages and people used libraries-a model, an antiques dealer, an appraiser, and a restorer of old houses. For the past 31 years, Carol has been the New York editor of the UK magazine, The World of Interiors. She's authored three books of non-fiction: Antiques Roadshow Primer (a New York Times best-seller); Antiques Roadshow Collectibles (the companion volume); Good, Better, Best (the connoisseurship of antiques) plus Dog House (a tender memoir) Catch 26 (a novel) and Seven Shrinks (a not so tender memoir).


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