Guerrilla Warfare

Authoritative, Revised, New Edition

Ernesto Che Guevara

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Che Guevara's bestselling text on revolutionary tactics and strategy

Since Guerrilla Warfare was first published in 1961, it has joined the canon of classic military literature, consulted by revolutionaries and counterrevolutionaries alike. Ernesto "Che" Guevara outlines the lessons he learned as a guerrilla soldier in the Cuban revolution and explains how a small group of dedicated fighters grew in strength with the support of the Cuban people, overcoming the odds to vanquish the US-backed dictator's army and overthrow the dictatorship. Guerrilla Warfare is both an insightful account of one of the decisive revolutionary movements of the twentieth century and a timeless resource for freedom fighters the world over.
This edition, which features a revised translation and a foreword by Harry "Pombo" Villegas, Che's compañero in the Cuban struggle who would also go on to fight alongside him in Bolivia and Africa, is the only edition to be authorized and revised by the Che Guevara Studies Center. Here for the first time are Che's corrections and his suggestions for further revisions to the text-revisions his murder in 1967 prevented him from making

"The positive feature of guerrilla warfare is that each guerrilla fighter is ready to die not just to defend an idea but to make that idea a reality. That is the essence of the guerrilla struggle. The miracle is that a small nucleus, the armed vanguard of a great popular movement that supports them, can proceed to realize that idea, to establish a new society, to break the old patterns of the past, to achieve, ultimately, the social justice for which they fight." -Ernesto Che Guevara

ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA is profoundly radicalized when, as a young doctor traversing Latin America for the second time, a journey he later describes in Latin America Diaries, he witnesses first the Bolivian Revolution, and then, in Guatemala, the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Jacobo Árbenz by US-backed forces. After escaping to Mexico, Guevara meets up with a group of Cuban revolutionaries exiled in Mexico City led by Fidel Castro and immediately enlists in their planned expedition to overthrow Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The Cubans nickname him "Che," a popular form of address in his native Argentina. The group sets sail for Cuba on November 25, 1956, aboard the yacht Granma, with Che as the group's doctor. Within several months, Fidel appoints him a commander of the Rebel Army, though he also continues to minister to wounded guerrilla fighters and captured Batista soldiers.
After General Batista flees Cuba on January 1, 1959, Che becomes one of the key leaders of the new revolutionary government. He is also the most important representative of the Cuban Revolution internationally, heading numerous delegations and earning a reputation as a passionate and articulate spokesperson for Third World peoples. In April 1965, Che leaves Cuba to lead a guerrilla mission of some 200 Cuban soldiers to support the revolutionary struggle in Congo, a mission he recounts in Congo Diary. The book is characterized by Che's brutal, disciplined honesty, as he recounts the succession of failures and dead ends that characterized the mission, analyzing each one, and never losing sight of his innate optimism and clarity of mission. After returning to Cuba in December 1965, Che prepares another guerrilla force, this time to Bolivia, where he arrives in November 1966 with a small guerrilla force, intending to challenge the country's military dictatorship. He is captured there by US-trained counterinsurgency forces on October 1967, and murdered in cold blood the next day. His Bolivian diaries were later edited and published as The Bolivian Diary.


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