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Introducing Corporate Finance

Diana Beal

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Introducing Corporate Finance 2nd edition is a text written for one semester introductory finance and corporate finance courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. This text focuses on offering a true introduction to corporate finance, with extensive explanations and case studies that apply real-world finance scenarios to corporate finance theory.

The fundamental concepts and theories of corporate finance are effectively contextualised through the use of Australian company financial data, strategically placed pedagogical elements to reinforce learning and an accessible writing style.


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ISBN 978-0-470-81376-8
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    Chapter 1: Introducing the firm and its goals
    Chapter preview
    Goals of firms
    Roles of financial managers
    The principal - agent problem
    Ethics in business
    Challenges facing modern firms
    How being a person affects decision making
    Executive summary

    Chapter 2: Business structures and Taxation
    Chapter preview
    Forms of business organisation
    Features of Australian income taxation arrangements
    Dividend imputation
    Executive summary

    Chapter 3: Business and the financial markets
    Chapter preview
    The roles of the financial markets
    Financing business operations
    Types of financial institutions
    Classifying the markets
    Debt and equity
    Forms of debt
    Equity instruments
    Regulators and regulation
    Executive summary

    Chapter 4: Financial mathematics
    Chapter preview
    Cash flows, interest and the time value money
    Simple interest
    An application of simple interest: pricing commercial bills
    Compound interest
    Future and present value of several equal sums
    Present and future value of unequal amounts
    Solving time value problems executive summary

    Chapter 5: Understanding risk and return
    Chapter preview
    What is return?
    Calculating returns
    What is risk?
    The relationship between risk and return
    Reducing risk
    The capital asset pricing model
    Executive summary


    Chapter 6: Valuation of bonds and shares
    Chapter preview
    Price and value
    How are security prices set?
    Principles of security valuation
    Valuing bonds
    Valuing preference shares
    Valuing ordinary shares
    Price - earning ratio
    Executive summary

    Chapter 7: Cost of capital
    Chapter preview
    The cost of capital concept
    Estimating the component costs
    Under-utilisation of imputation credits
    The weighted-average cost of capital
    Capital structure
    Evaluation changes in capital structure
    Executive summary

    Chapter 8: Planning investments - discounted cash flow techniques
    Chapter preview
    Investment and the business of the firm
    Investments and firm value
    Estimating cash flows
    Net present value
    Internal rate of return
    Executive summary

    Chapter 9: Planning investments - some real-world companies
    Chapter preview
    Analysing a set of projects
    Incorporating risk into the analysis
    Taxation and investment planning
    Non-discounted methods of project evaluation
    Non-financial factors in project choices
    Executive summary


    Chapter 10: Short-term finance - working capital
    Chapter preview
    Working capital
    Ana appropriate level of net working capital
    Sources and costs of informal short-term finance
    Sources and costs off normal short-term finance
    Executive summary

    Chapter 11: Managing current assets
    Chapter preview
    The dual meaning of 'cash'
    The motives for holding cash
    Managing cash
    Using electronic funds transfer (EFT)
    Debtors or accounts receivable
    Managing inventories
    Executive summary

    Chapter 12: Long-term external finance
    Chapter preview
    Intermediated finance
    The lease or buy decision
    Debt finance from the Australian market
    Hybrid finance from the Australian market
    International sources of funding
    Equity finance securities
    Raising equity finance
    Executive summary

    Chapter 13: Dividend policy and internal financing
    Chapter preview
    Fundamental dividend concepts
    Dividend irrelevance theory
    Dividend relevance theories
    Alternatives to cash dividends
    Optimal dividend policy
    Executive summary

    Chapter 14: Forecasting to evaluate financial decisions
    Chapter preview
    Overview of Australian corporate financial statements
    Planning an forecasting
    Cash budgeting
    Pro-forma financial statements
    Developing the pro-forma financial statements
    Whit is financial ratio analysis?
    Key ratios and financial statements
    Executive summary


    Chapter 15: Risk management
    Chapter preview
    Managing risk
    Types of traders in the markets
    Futures markets
    The FRA market
    The swaps markets
    Company-issued options
    Rules for hedgers using derivatives
    Executive summary

    Chapter 16: Capital restructuring - takeovers and divestments
    Chapter preview
    The takeover procedure
    Why acquire another company?
    The value of a takeover
    From public to private ownership
    From private to public ownership
    Selling part of the company
    Executive summary

    Chapter 17: International corporate finance
    Chapter preview
    The foreign exchange market
    Determinants of the foreign exchange rate
    Exchange rate risk
    International capital budgeting
    Executive summary

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