Responsibility and Punishment

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Responsibility and Punishment, Third Edition presents a clear-headed defense of retributivism against several long-standing criticisms. In the end, a viable version of retributivism emerges as one which withstands more criticism than competing theories of responsibility and punishment. Extending the problem of wrong doing to collectives and compensation, Corlett explores the matter of reparations for past wrongs in the case of the crimes committed against Native Americans by the United States Government. No other philosophical work on responsibility and punishment exhibits this breadth of scope, as it delves deeply into particular concerns with retributivism, responsibility, and certain areas of compensation. Academicians and professionals in ethics, moral, social, political, and legal philosophy are likely to benefit from this analytical treatment of responsibility and punishment.

From the reviews of the third edition:

"In the Third Edition of Responsibility and Punishment, Angelo Corlett has made an outstanding book even better! Corlett's book is distinctive in the way it blends abstract theory with concrete application in a sophisticated way. There is work just on theory, and primarily applied work; but Corlett manages to meld the two in a unique and highly successful way. Highly recommended!" ( John Martin Fischer, author of "The Metaphysics of Free Will" and "Responsibility and Control")

"This provocative and highly insightful piece of work constitutes a novel, significant, and welcome contribution to the literature on the moral justification of punishment. Corlett's development of an original version of retributivism, with special emphasis on principles of proportional punishment, is particularly engaging." ( Ishtiyaque Haji, author of "Deontic Morality" and "Moral Appraisability")

"J. Angelo Corlett, in Responsibility and Punishment 3 rd edition, argues that to take justice seriously, the state is obligated to punish criminal offenders like the Garridos in proportion to the harm they have caused. He argues for a theory of retributive punishment in which criminals receive punishment based on the degree to which they are responsible. ... I recommend it to anyone interested in questions of moral responsibility and questions about punishment." (Josef Thomas Simpson, Metapsychology Online Reviews, Vol.13 (48), November, 2009)

J. Angelo Corlett is Professor of Philosophy & Ethics at San Diego State University, and author of over 75 articles in various leading philosophy and other academic journals, including the books: Analyzing Social Knowledge (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1996); Terrorism: A Philosophical Analysis (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003), Philosophical Studies Series, Volume 101; Race, Racism, and Reparations (Cornell University Press, 2003). He also serves as the Editor-in –Chief of The Journal of Ethics: An International Philosophical Review (Springer), and is the editor of and contributor to Equality and Liberty: Analyzing Rawls and Nozick (Macmillan, 1990).

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  • Preface.
    1:The Problem of Responsibility.
    2: The Problem of Punishment
    3. Foundations of a Kantian Retributivism.
    4: Assessing Retributivism.
    5: Forgiveness, Mercy, and Punishment
    6. Capital Punishment.
    7: The Problem of Collective Responsibility.
    8: Corporate Responsibility and Punishment.
    9: Collective Wrongdoing, Reparations, and Native Americans.
    Conclusion. List of Sources.
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