Edina, V: The Conundrum of Language

Difficulties of Reading and Language in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

Vass Edina

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Almost every piece of criticism concerning Finnegans
Wake describes it as a difficult or unreadable work.
Therefore, considering the above statement as
starting point, throughout the book I analyzed the
role of the reader and revealed the reading
difficulties caused by the unconventional novel. I
shed light on how the book relates to conventions and
the changes generated, as a result, in the attitude
of the reader.
Finnegans Wake changes our entire concept of
language, thus a central theme of the book is Joyce's
special usage of language developed to the level of
mastery. Readers often doubt even the mere existence
of any meaningful language within the novel. However,
it is worth noting that instead of imposing any kind
of limitation, it broadens the borders. One should
rely on the comfort and enjoy the humor provided by
the novel rather than fear it.

Vass Edina: BA in English language and literature. Ongoing
studies: Philosophy at Partium Christian University and Irish
Studies MA at Babes- Bolyai University, Romania. Main fields of
interest: James Joyce's works, language philosophy and Irish culture.


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