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Data-Driven Marketing

The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know

Mark Jeffery

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Praise for Data-Driven Marketing
"To paraphrase the old adage: 'Half of marketing dollars are effective, we just don't know which half!' This book changes the marketing game so you'll really know what's working and what's not. The 15 metrics, along with the case examples, are an authoritative toolkit for making better decisions to create new markets, drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve profitability."
-John M. Boushy, former CEO, Ameristar Casinos, Inc.
"A groundbreaking combination of research, frameworks, and pragmatic advice for both controlling and radically improving marketing. A must-read for the entire marketing organization, from the CMO to the front lines."
-Barry Judge, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Best Buy
"Business-to-consumer marketing and business-to-business marketing are very different. Through detailed examples, this outstanding book shows how to apply data-driven marketing in both worlds for real results. This book is for anyone in business, not just marketing, who wants to step up the performance of their marketing."
-David G. Bills, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, DuPont
"Every year, baseball teams go to places like Florida and Arizona to run through the basics which are the cornerstone of performance excellence. This book is the marketing equivalent of taking all those ground balls. An essential read for every marketer who cares about-and wants to improve upon-the science of their craft."
-Derek Ungless, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, DSW Shoe Warehouse


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Seitenzahl 304
Erscheinungsdatum 19.02.2010
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-470-50454-3
Verlag John Wiley & Sons
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    PART I Essentials 1.

    CHAPTER 1 The Marketing Divide: Why 80 Percent of Companies Don't Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions--And Those Who Do Are the Leaders.

    The 15 Essential Marketing Metrics.

    Case Examples.

    Marketing Budgets: Key Differences between the Leaders and the Laggards.

    Using Marketing Metrics to Weather Difficult Economic Times.

    The First Step: Defining the Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 2 Where Do You Start? Overcoming the Five Obstacles to Data-Driven Marketing.

    Overcome Obstacle 1: Getting Started--Focus on Collecting the Right Data and Create Momentum by Scoring an Easy Win.

    Overcome Obstacle 2: Causality--Conduct Small Experiments.

    Overcome Obstacle 3: Lack of Data--Strategies for Obtaining Customer Data.

    Overcome Obstacle 4: Resources and Tools--Build the Infrastructure for Data-Driven Marketing.

    Overcome Obstacle 5: People and Change--Create a Data-Driven Marketing Culture.

    A Road Map for Implementing Data-Driven Marketing.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 3 The 10 Classical Marketing Metrics.

    Linking Marketing Activities to Metrics.

    A Balanced Scorecard for Marketing.

    Facing the B2B Measurement Challenge.

    Chapter Insights.


    CHAPTER 4 The Five Essential Nonfinancial Metrics: #1--Brand Awareness, #2--Test-Drive, #3--Churn, #4--Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and #5--Take Rate.

    Shaping Perception: Metric #1--Brand Awareness.

    Comparative Marketing: Metric #2--Test-Drive.

    Loyalty Marketing: Metric #3--Churn.

    Customer Satisfaction: Metric #4--CSAT.

    Campaign Effectiveness: Metric #5--Take Rate.

    Chapter Insights .

    CHAPTER 5 Show Me the ROI! The Four Essential Financial Metrics: #6--Profit, #7--Net Present Value (NPV), #8--Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and #9--Payback.

    Metric #6: Profit.

    Finance for Marketing Managers: Metrics #7--NPV, #8--IRR, and #9--Payback Defined.

    Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) Framework for Management Decisions.

    ROMI for Sports Sponsorship.

    ROMI for a New Product Launch.

    Stress-Test the Numbers: Sensitivity Analysis.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 6 All Customers Are Not Equal: Metric #10--Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

    Metric #10--Customer Value Defined.

    The New Marketing Strategy: Value-Based Marketing.

    Balancing Short- and Long-Term Customer Profitability.

    Customer Life Cycle Management.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 7 From Clicks to Value with Internet Marketing Metrics: #11--Cost per Click (CPC), #12--Transaction Conversion Rate (TCR), #13--Return on Ad Dollars Spent (ROA), #14--Bounce Rate, and #15--Word of Mouth (WOM).

    CPC versus CPM: Optimizing Metric #11--CPC Is the Google Innovation.

    Optimizing Sponsored Search: Metrics #12--TCR and #13--ROA.

    How Good Is Your Web Site? Metric #14--Bounce Rate.

    Changing the Internet Search Marketing Game with Attribution Modeling.

    Beyond SEM: Internet Display Advertising Impact.

    Hypertargeting Display Advertising in Social Media.

    Metric #15--Word of Mouth (WOM) Social Media Marketing Engagement.

    Chapter Insights.


    CHAPTER 8 Agile Marketing: Using Near-Time Data to Improve Performance by a Factor of Five or More.

    If You Are Going to Fail, Fail Fast.

    Design for Measurement.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 9 Wow, That Product Is Exactly What I Need! The Three Essential Approaches to Analytic Marketing.

    The First Essential Approach to Analytic Marketing: Propensity Modeling.

    The Second Essential Approach to Analytic Marketing: Market Basket Analysis.

    The Third Essential Approach to Analytic Marketing: Decision Trees.

    Timing Is Everything: Event-Driven Marketing Case Examples.

    The Business Case for Analytic Marketing.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 10 What's It Going to Take? Infrastructure for Data-Driven Marketing.

    Which Data Do You Really Need?.

    Do You Need to Build a Ranch House or Empire State Building Infrastructure?.

    Requirement Complexity.

    Should You Forklift or Rearchitect Data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse?.

    What We Know Can and Will Go Wrong (If You Don't Watch Out!).

    Harrah's Entertainment: Creating the Data-Driven Marketing Infrastructure Portfolio.

    Chapter Insights.

    CHAPTER 11 Marketing Budgets, Technology, and Core Processes: Key Differences between the Leaders and the Laggards.

    Marketing Campaign Management: The State of the Industry.

    Research: Marketing Processes, Technology, and the Link to Firm Performance.

    B2B versus B2C Investment Portfolio Mixes: Leaders versus Laggards.

    Overcoming the Four Barriers to Professionalizing Marketing Processes.

    Upgrading Marketing Campaign Management Processes: A Three-Phased Approach.

    Lessons Learned from the Research: Complexity Requires Governance.

    The Creative X-Factor.

    Tying It All Together.

    Chapter Insights.

    APPENDIX FOR INSTRUCTORS How to Use This Book to Teach Data-Driven Marketing.