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Turbulent Flows

Stephen B. Pope

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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This is a graduate text on turbulent flows, an important topic in fluid dynamics. It is up-to-date, comprehensive, designed for teaching, and is based on a course taught by the author at Cornell University for a number of years. The book consists of two parts followed by a number of appendices. Part I provides a general introduction to turbulent flows, how they behave, how they can be described quantitatively, and the fundamental physical processes involved. Part II is concerned with different approaches for modelling or simulating turbulent flows. The necessary mathematical techniques are presented in the appendices. This book is primarily intended as a graduate level text in turbulent flows for engineering students, but it may also be valuable to students in applied mathematics, physics, oceanography and atmospheric sciences, as well as researchers and practising engineers.

'Probably the most popular text in turbulent fluid mechanics for the past thirty years has been Tennekes and Lumley. Now Lumley's colleague Pope has produced a much more complete work and one that is up to date. Designed as a graduate text, it is a massive work that covers most of what an engineer needs to know about the subject ... there is no book that provides as broad coverage as this one and yet provides reasonable depth ... There are also problems interspersed throughout the book. They make this an excellent textbook that can be heartily recommended to anyone teaching a course in this subject. it is the best book on the market today that covers the entire field and should be adopted for courses, especially since the paperback edition is priced quite reasonably for the size on the book.' Joel H. Ferziger, International Journal of Mutliphase Flows


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Erscheinungsdatum 01.08.2000
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-521-59886-6
Verlag Cambridge University Press
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  • From the contents: Preface; Nomenclature; Part I. Fundamentals:
    1. Introduction
    2. The equations of fluid motion
    3. Statistical description of turbulence
    4. Mean flow equations
    5. Free shear flows
    6. The scales of turbulent motion
    7. Wall flows; PartII. Modelling and Simulation:
    8. Modelling and simulation" 9. Direct numerical simulation
    10. Turbulent viscosity models
    11. Reynolds-stress and related models
    12. PDF models
    13. Large-eddy simulation; Part III. Appendices; Bibliography