Dynamic Competitive Analysis in Marketing

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Dynamic Competitive Analysis in Marketing, Montreal, Canada, September 1-2, 1995

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems Band 444

Steffen Jorgensen, Georges Zaccour

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This volume contains a selection of papers that were presented at the International Workshop on Dynamic Competitive Analysis, held in Montr6al, Canada, September 1-2, 1995. The workshop was organized by the editors of the proceedings volume. The proceedings contain both "full papers" and shorter pieces, to be considered as "work in progress". The choice of a rather broad theme for the workshop was deliberate and done in order to attract researchers from different areas of the marketing science community that usually do not get together. Obviously, a volume like this cannot be exhaustive in the coverage of the dynamics of marketing competition but we are confident that it will convey to the reader an impression of what are the current themes in this field of research. The book should be useful to researchers in marketing science, applied game theorists, graduate students, as well as practitioners in marketing with an interest in methods and examples of dynamic competitive analysis.


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Herausgeber Steffen Jorgensen, Georges Zaccour
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  • Advertising.- Feedback Stackelberg Equilibria in a Dynamic Game of Advertising Competition: A Numerical Analysis.- An Empirical Comparison of Oligopolistic Advertising Strategies.- Risk-Sensitive Dynamic Market Share Attraction Games: An Extended Abstract.- Pricing.- Specification and Estimation of Nonlinear Models with Dynamic Reference Prices.- Asymmetric Dynamic Switching Between High and Low Quality Brands: Empirical Evidence from the US Car Market.- Profit Impacts of Aggressive and Cooperative Pricing Strategies.- Strategic Consumers in a Durable Goods Monopoly.- New Product Diffusion Models.- Government Price Subsidies to Promote Fast Diffusion of a New Consumer Durable.- Optimal Pricing Strategies for Primary and Contingent Products under Duopoly Environment.- Channels of Distribution.- Impacts of Category Management and Brand Management from a Retailer’s Perspective.- Channel Coordination in the Presence of Two Sided Asymmetric Information.- Dynamic Marketing Strategies in a Two-Member Channel.- Other Models of Competition.- Avoiding Myopia: Seeing the Competition.- A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Capacity Competition in Non-differentiated Oligopolistic Markets.- Integrating Advertising and Promotion with the Organization’s “Nonmarketing” Activities: Dynamic Concepts and a Computer-Assisted Profit/Cost Planning Approach.- Modeling of Customer Response to Marketing of Local Telephone Services.- List of Contributing Authors.