Multi-Objective Programming and Goal Programming

Theories and Applications

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems Band 432

Mehrdad Tamiz

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Most real-life problems involve making decisions to optimally achieve a number of criteria while satisfying some hard or soft constraints. In this book several methods for solving such problems are presented by the leading experts in the area. The book also contains a number of very interesting application papers which demonstrate theoretical modelling, analysing and solution of real-life problems.


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Herausgeber Mehrdad Tamiz
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Erscheinungsdatum 19.02.1996
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-540-60662-8
Verlag Springer Berlin
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Auflage Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1996

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  • 1. Introduction.- 1: Multi-Objective Programming and Multi-Criteria Decision Making.- 2. Dynamic Choices in Economics: A Compromise Approach.- 3. Application of Multicriteria Analysis to Ranking and Evaluation of Water Development Projects (The Case of Jordan).- 4. Multi-Criteria Efficiency Profiling.- 5. Nimbus — Interactive Method for Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Optimization Problems.- 6. A Graphic Search Based on Active Sets for Nonlinear Convex Multiple Objective Programming with Linear Constraints.- 7. A Sequential Network-Based Approach for the Multiobjective Network Flow Problem with Preemptive Priorities.- 8. MOLP Formulation Assistance Using LP Infeasibility Analysis.- 9. Optimizing the Yield of an Extrusion Process in the Aluminum Industry.- 10. Projective and Symbolic Degeneracy-Reducing Techniques for Multiple Objective Linear Programming.- 11. Interactive Multiple Criteria Optimization for Capital Budgeting in a Canadian Telecommunications Company.- 12. The Ekeland’s Principle and the Pareto c-efficiency.- 13. Generation of Pareto Solutions By Entropy-Based Methods.- 2: Goal Programming.- 14. An Overview of Current Solution Methods and Modelling Practices in Goal Programming.- 15. Goal Programming in Networks.- 16. Solution of Nonlinear Field Problems by Goal Programming.- 17. Incorporating the Decision-Maker’s Preferences in the Goal Programming Model with Fuzzy Goal Values: A new Formulation.- 18. A Formulation of a Fuzzy Linear Goal Programming Problem with Fuzzy Constraints and Fuzzy Target Values.- 19. A Two Staged Goal Programming Model for Portfolio Selection.- 20. Application of MOP and GP to Wildlife Management (Deer). A Case in the Mediterranean Ecosystem.- 21. Flight Trajectory Optimization by Goal Programming with Fuzzy Objectives.- 22. An Application of Goal Geometric Programming to Equipment Replacement Under Fuzziness.- 23. An Exploration of Linear and Goal Programming Models in the Downstream Oil Industry.