The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World

Mastering The Art of Customer Engagement

Calvin Jones, Damian Ryan

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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"With the enormous growth of the internet and social media sites, digital marketing is now worth more per annum than print advertising in the US. Social network advertising spending is expected to increase to a staggering $9.8 billion by 2016 in a bid toattract today's media-savvy consumer.The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World brings together an international collection of the most successful digital marketing campaigns of our time, assessing what they achieved and the business lessons learned. This practical and insightful book explores how businesses large and small have harnessed social media, blogs, forums, online video and email to boost their brand and attract customers. Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones present a selection of hand-picked case studies, sharing the knowledge and skill of the world's top creative minds.Covering a wide range of world-class award winning campaigns, including household names such as Coca-cola, Dell and Walkers Crisps, and the most successful viral video of 2012,this book is the must-read guide for all marketers looking to embrace the new digital landscape"--


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  • Chapter - 00: Introduction; Section - ONE: The rapid evolution of (digital) marketing; Chapter - 01: Case study 1 Dockers 'pants dance'; Chapter - 02: Case study 2 The truth about smart; Chapter - 03: Case study 3 Doritos Hotel 626; Chapter - 04: Case study 4 Lynx Primal Instinct; Chapter - 05: Case study 5 Rage Against the Machine for Christmas number one; Chapter - 06: Case study 6 Pizza Hut iPhone application; Chapter - 07: Case study 7 The Photographic Adventures of Nick Turpin; Chapter - 08: Case study 8 TurboTax Super Status; Chapter - 09: Case study 9 The Spoonful; Chapter - 10: Case study 10 In an Absolut world; Chapter - 11: Case study 11 Wario Land 'Shake It' YouTube shake-up; Chapter - 12: Case study 12 WALL-E; Chapter - 13: Case study 13 The Best Job in the World; Chapter - 14: Case study 14 Star Trek; Chapter - 15: Case study 15 Shadow Napping; Chapter - 16: Case study 16 The Ozometer; Chapter - 17: Case study 17 Playing the City; Chapter - 18: Case study 18 Lost in Space; Chapter - 19: Case study 19 Online as it happens; Chapter - 20: Case study 20 The Ephemeral Museum; Chapter - 21: Case study 21 Pepsi Makes Your Day; Chapter - 22: Case study 22 12 cams create your rainbow; Chapter - 23: Case study 23 World Malaria Day Twitter war; Chapter - 24: Case study 24 Break the Cycle; Chapter - 25: Case study 25 Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign - the 15 swing states; Section - TWO: Looking forward to a creative digital future