Meaningful Inconsistencies: Bicultural Nationhood, the Free Market, and Schooling in Aotearoa

Bicultural Nationhood, the Free Market, and Schooling in Aotearoa/New Zealand

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School differentiates students-and provides differential access to various human and material resources-along a range of axes: from elected subjects and academic "achievement" to ethnicity, age, gender, or the language they speak.
Neriko Musha Doerr earned a PhD in anthropology from Cornell University. Her publications have appeared in a number of journals. She currently teaches cultural anthropology at Brookdale Community College, New Jersey.
"Based on research undertaken at a time of neoliberal reform in the 1990s, when middle-class Asian students from other countries entered into New Zealand's particular ethnic mix of native students from Maori and Pakeha (European settlers) backgrounds...and written in an accessible yet rigorous style, [this study] engages with a wide range of theories regarding the function of modern education...Along the way, Neriko Doerr provides many delightfully surprising insights that promise to reframe bilingual education in other national settings." * John Borneman, Princeton University "[R]elevant to a far wider audience than those concerned with New Zealand. The issues of multiculturalism, biculturalism, language teaching in school, national policies about identity as experienced by teachers, students, administrators, etc., are issues of very general interest, particularly in the United States where all that is attempted in New Zealand is open for debate. In every way, Dr. Doerr's book is exemplary of what makes anthropology essential for developing our knowledge and reforming our policies." * Herve Varenne, Columbia University
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  • List of tables List of maps Acknowledgments List of abbreviations Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Shifting terrains: Aotearoa/New Zealand's changing nationhood Chapter 3. Categorizing: Changing official regimes of difference in Aotearoa/New Zealand Chapter 4. Inhabiting Waikaraka High School Chapter 5. Sorting: Tracking system and production of meanings Chapter 6. Calling it separatist: On conflating two regimes Chapter 7. Imagining "failure": The illusion of Maori under-achievement Chapter 8. Laughing: Language politics in the classroom Chapter 9. Laughing globally: Creation of alliances and globally homologous Chapter 10. Dancing: Cultural performance and nationhood Chapter 11. Conclusion and departure Bibliography Index
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