Developing Skill, Developing Vision

Practices of Locality at the Foot of the Alps

Many people feel that the impact of technology and the pressure of the market economy on alpine communities leads to a loss of biodiversity, authenticity and cultural diversity, affecting animal husbandry, local food production, social networks and traditions.
Cristina Grasseni lectures in Anthropology at the University of Bergamo, Italy. She has published on visual anthropology (Skilled Visions, ed., 2007, Berghahn Books), anthropological theories of expert knowledge and the mind (Practice and Cognition, 2004, in Italian), and on the commoditization of traditional Italian foods (The Re-invention of Food, 2007, in Italian).
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  • List of Figures Foreword Abbreviations Acknowledgements Chapter 1. From Community Studies to Communities of Practice 1.1 Skill, Place and Identity 1.2 From Community Studies to Communities of Practice 1.3 Identity, Emplacement and Phenomenology 1.4 Towards an Ecology of Practice 1.5 A Place at the Margins of Europe? 1.6 Going Rural Conclusion Chapter 2. Blessed Be the Car! 2.1 The Problem of Place 2.2 Roots 2.3 Shifting Tracks 2.4 Routes 2.5 Commuting to Church 2.6 Blessed Be the Car Conclusion Chapter 3. From Observational Documentary to Skilled Vision 3.1 Film as Ethnography 3.2 Worldviews and the Anthropology of Vision 3.3 The Critique of Vision 3.4 Skilled Vision 3.5 Breeding Aesthetics Conclusion Chapter 4. Skilled Practice 4.1 Skill, Technology and Farming 4.2 Encountering Breeding Strategies in the Field 4.3 Life on the Farm 4.4 Localising Skills? Conclusion Chapter 5. Skilled Vision and Animal Husbandry 5.1 Towards an Ecology of Skilled Visions 5.2 Looking as a Form of Cultural Belonging 5.3 Industrialising Organisms 5.4 Expert Looks, Moral Looks Conclusion Chapter 6. Reinventing Skills 6.1 Mobilising Skills 6.2 Taleggio - a Cheese and a Valley 6.3 Local Products, Local Memories 6.4 New Skin for Old Cheese Conclusion Bibliography Filmography Index
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