Human Diet and Nutrition in Biocultural Perspective

Past Meets Present

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There are not many areas that are more rooted in both the biological and social-cultural aspects of humankind than diet and nutrition. Throughout human history nutrition has been shaped by political, economic, and cultural forces, and in turn, access to food and nutrition has altered the course and direction of human societies. Using a biocultural approach, the contributors to this volume investigate the ways in which food is both an essential resource fundamental to human health and an expression of human culture and society. The chapters deal with aspects of diet and human nutrition through space and time and span prehistoric, historic, and contemporary societies spread over various geographical regions, including Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia to highlight how biology and culture are inextricably linked.
Tina Moffat is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University. Her research focuses on child health and nutrition in relation to environmental health and urban ecosystems. She has authored and co-authored numerous scholarly journal publications on child growth and infant feeding in Nepal and nutritional well-being and obesity among North American school-children. Tracy Prowse is Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University. Her research explores diet and health in past populations using paleopathological and isotopic analyses of human bones and teeth. She has published on the paleodiet of Roman Italy in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology and the Journal of Archaeological Science.
This is a high-quality publication. Many of the chapters are excellent reviews of methods and perspectives in their particular area. The editors have clearly done a good job - There is a strong mix of topics that go well together and are tied together by the first and last chapters.A" -Alan Goodman, Hampshire College
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  • List of Figures List of Tables List of Boxes 1. Introduction: A Biocultural Approach to Human Diet and Nutrition T. MOFFAT AND T. PROWSE Evolutionary Perspectives on Nutrition 2. Nutritional and Metabolic Influences on Human Brain Evolution W.R. LEONARD, M.L. ROBERTSON AND J.J. SNODGRASS 3. Child Growth among Southern African Foragers in the Past S. PFEIFFER AND L. HARRINGTON 4. Infant and Young Child Feeding in Human Evolution D.W. SELLEN Breastfeeding and Beyond: Nutrition throughout the Life Course 5. The Use of Stable Isotope Analysis to Determine Infant and Young Child Feeding Patterns T.L. DUPRAS 6. A Community in Transition: Deconstructing Breastfeeding Trends in Gibraltar, 1955-96 L.A. SAWCHUK, E.K. BRYCE, AND S.D.A. BURKE Food Insecurity and Malnutrition 7. Dietary Diversity, Dietary Transitions and Childhood Nutrition in Nepal: Questions of Methodology and Practice T. MOFFAT AND E. FINNIS 8. Responses to a Food Crisis and Child Malnutrition in the Nigerien Sahel R.E. CASIDAY, K.R. HAMPSHIRE, C. PANTER-BRICK AND K. KILPATRICK Nutritional Factors in Growth and Disease 9. Growth, Morbidity, and Mortality in Antiquity: A Case Study from Imperial Rome T. PROWSE, S. SAUNDERS, C. FITZGERALD, L. BONDIOLI, R. MACCHIARELLI 10. Examining Nutritional Aspects of Bone Loss and Fragility across the Life Cycle in Bioarchaeology S.C. AGARWAL AND B. GLENCROSS 11. Obesity - An Emerging Epidemic: Temporal trends in North America P.T. KATZMARZYK Conclusion 12. Diet and Nutrition in Biocultural Perspective: Back to the Future T. PROWSE AND T. MOFFAT Contributors Glossary Index
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