Be Grateful to Everyone: An In-Depth Guide to the Practice of Lojong (7 CDs)

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The best way to bring meditation off the cushion and into everyday life, according to Tibetan Buddhists, is to practice "lojong" (or mind training). The practice consists of working with a series of fifty-nine mind-training slogans (phrases such as "A joyous state of mind is a constant support" and "Don't talk about others' shortcomings"), taking one slogan at a time and living with it in all life's situations. In this eight-CD program, Pema Chodron presents her definitive teachings on "lojong." She offers an overview of the practice and goes on to provide inspiring commentary on each of the slogans while paying special attention to how to apply them on the spot in our daily lives. In particular, Pema emphasizes the importance of practicing with the slogans during life's difficulties because, she says, "no matter what is happening in the moment, it is a vehicle for awakening compassion."


Medium CD
Erscheinungsdatum März 2011
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781590307724
Hersteller Shambhala Pub Inc
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