Thrive on Pressure: Lead and Succeed When Times Get Tough

Graham Jones

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Be the Leader Who Is Cool, Calm, and in Control--Even in the Worst of Situations

"This book is a great guide for helping you thrive on pressure and use it to your advantage." -- Bill Vit, President and COO, Aon Affinity Insurance Services

"Thrive on Pressure focuses not only on theoretical aspirations, but also on practical measures to manage and utilize the pressures that are an inevitable part of the job." -- Edward Dolman, Christie's International PLC

When the going gets tough, you get going! Author Graham Jones, Ph.D., whose work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, shows you how to excel when the chips are down and use pressure to your advantage. With his successful program, you'll learn how to:. Manage stress . Develop strong self-belief . Improve mental outlook . Channel motivation into tangible goals . Refine your focus

If you have the guts to make a real difference in your organization, you're ready to Thrive on Pressure and produce positive results for you and your team!

For more than 20 years psychologist Graham Jones, Ph.D., has worked with people from all walks of life, helping them reach their high-performance levels. He is the founder of Lane4, a leading international performance development consultancy with offices in the United States, England, and Asia. Jones lives in Princeton, NJ.


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  • Chapter 1. Acknowledgements; Chapter 2. Introduction; Master Class1: Real Leadership, Pressure and Mental Toughness; Chapter 3. No Hiding Place For Leaders; Chapter 4. Being a Real Leader; Chapter 5. Real Leaders and High-Performance Environments; Chapter 6. Real Leadership, Pressure, and Mental Toughness; Master Class 2: Staying in Control Under Pressure; Chapter 7. Stress: The Dark Side of Pressure; Chapter 8. Keeping Your Stress Under Control; Chapter 9. Challenging the Thinking that Causes Stress; Chapter 10. Tackling the Source of Your Stress; Master Class 3: Strengthening Your Self-Belief; Chapter 11. What is Self-Belief; Chapter 12. Building Your Self Esteem; Chapter 13. Boosting Your Self-Confidence; Master Class 4: Motivation; Chapter 14. Ensuring Your Motivation is Healthy; Chapter 15. Channeling Your Motivation Into Goals; Master Class 5: Focusing On What Really Matters; Chapter 16. What Should You Be Focused On?; Chapter 17. Controlling Your Focus; Chapter 18. The Real Leader Toolkit