Euroregions – The Alps-Adriatic Context

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«Opening of the East», transformation of the communist countries and membership in the European Union produce new opportunities and risks for the regions of Europe. A special dimension in this context is cross-border co-operation. A number of developments have taken place in recent decades in this respect, but many questions are still open or remain ambiguous. This book discusses this situation in a wider societal context and with a special focus on the Alps-Adriatic territory. Special attention is given to the idea of a «Europe of Regions» and its various realisations, be it the construct of Euroregion or diverse European Union policies. If one should want to draw a general conclusion from this book then this might be that, at the brink of the 21st Century, Europe is again in a process where the cards between central powers and regions are being reshuffled.

The Editor: Josef Langer is Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Klagenfurt (Austria). He held functions in the International Sociological Association (ISA) and in the Austrian Sociological Association and was consultant of research units and governmental institutions, as well as visiting professor at universities in Finland, India, Italy, Japan, the Czech Republic, and the USA. His current fields of research include European transformation, knowledge society and cross-cultural management with numerous publications in German, English, Japanese, Italian, Romanian, and Russian.


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  • Contents: Josef Langer: Euroregions - Benevolence or Deception? – Ari Nieminen: Dynamics of European Integration - What About the Regional Level? – Max Haller: A «Europe of the Regions» - Myth and Reality – Georg Vobruba: European Union Borders Within Enlargement – Paolo Pasi: Euroregions as Micro-Models of European Integration – Doris Hattenberger: Constitutional Aspects of Transborder Co-operation – Martin Seger: Geographical Dimensions of the Alps-Adriatic Region – Hellwig Valentin: Strategies and Perspectives of the Alps-Adriatic Working Community – Eugenio Ambrosi/Elisabetta Reja/Camilla Toresini: Friuli Venezia Giulia’s Cross-Border Co-operation Experience – Daniele Del Bianco: Creating the Gorizia-Goriska Euroregion – Giulio Tarlao: Italian Experiences with Cross-Border Co-operation: A Report from Focus Group Meetings with Protagonists – Serena Fedel: Women Between Family and Work: A Comparison Between Carinthia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia – Milan Jazbec: Security Dimensions of Cross-Border Co-operation in the Alps-Adriatic Region – Wolfgang Platzer: Euregio: Carinthian Perspectives and Strategies – Hannes Slamanig: Tourism Networking in the Alps-Adriatic Region – Katarzyna Stokłosa: Opportunities and Problems of Euroregions along the Polish-German Border – Roger Lawrence: Borders at the Edge of the Enlarged European Union - Barriers or Bridges?