Knowledge Region: Alps-Adriatic Challenges

Volume I – General Perspective

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This book discusses the role of knowledge in European transformation under a regional perspective. Starting out with a critical appraisal of ‘knowledge’, ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘knowledge society’ as theoretical concepts the book pursues the regional and cross-border context of knowledge. Its empirical focus is on the Alps-Adriatic cross-border region in Central Europe with some international comparisons. Here the dense fabric of knowledge in regional societies is demonstrated. Awareness of the importance of regions in socio-economic development is raised.

The Editors: Josef Langer is professor of sociology at Klagenfurt University (Austria). He has held functions in professional organisations, acted as consultant and has lectured at a number of universities in Europe, Japan, India, Africa and USA. His current fields of research include European transformation and cross-cultural management.

Jurica Pavičić is professor of marketing at the University of Zagreb (Croatia). He has cooperated with several universities and held invited lectures in UK and USA, participated in numerous projects and served as adviser to enterprises and nonprofit organizations in South East Europe. His main research interests are nonprofit marketing, advocacy and community development.

Nikša Alfirević is professor of management at the University of Split (Croatia). He has participated at numerous conferences and cooperated with companies, universities and nonprofit organizations in Austria, Croatia and UK, including EU-sponsored projects. His main research interests are management of nonprofit organizations, e-business and social dimensions of information & communication technologies.


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  • Contents: Josef Langer/Jurica Pavičić/Nikša Alfirević: Knowledge in an Era of Societal Transformation – Yrjö-Paavo Häyrynen: Knowledge Society: ‘An Overwhelming All’ versus Expression, Thinking, and Creativity as an Ineffaceable Right – Vittorio Olgiati: Potentials and Obstacles in the Promotion of Higher Knowledge in the European Area: The Post-National Question of European Intellectuals – Josef Langer: The Knowledge Space of Mitteleuropa in Historical Perspective – Thomas Döring/Birgit Aigner: The Importance of Knowledge for Regional Economic Growth - State of Economic Research and its Application to the Alps-Adriatic Region – Matevž Tomšič/Frane Adam: Cultural Patterns in Slovenian Business, Public Administration and Science – Tomaž Čater: Knowledge-Based Sources of a Firm’s Competitive Advantage - The Case of Slovenian Post-transitional Economy – Barbara Hönig: Impact of EU-Accession on the Development of Sociology in the Common Border Region Slovenia-Southern Austria – Nikša Alfirević/Goran Vlašić/Igor Grčić: The Gaming Virtual Communities – Matthias Klemm/Ursula Mense-Petermann: ‘Knowledge Transfer’ and Cross-Cultural Learning - Problems and Chances of Cultural Difference in Learning and Knowledge Processes – Zoran Mihanović: Intelligence Generation and Intelligence Dissemination as a Basis for Efficient Responsiveness in Higher Education - The Case of Croatia – Zoran Vlašić/Zoran Wittine: The Importance of Life-long Learning for the Generation of Intellectual Capital and the Creation of Sustainable Competitive Advantage.