Interest and Emotion

Essays on the Study of Family and Kinship

David Warren Sabean

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Bringing together the work of anthropologists and historians, this volume, first published in 1984, challenges the notion that interests and emotions are polar opposites, and questions how far the history of the family in Europe and America can be organized around the central trend of 'sentimentalization'.


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  • Contributors; Preface; Introduction Hans Medick and David Warren Sabean; Part I. Family and the Economy of Emotion: 1. Interest and emotion in family and kinship studies: a critique of social history and anthropology Hans Medick and David Warren Sabean; 2. Putting kin and kinship to good use: the circulation of goods, labour, and names on Karpathos (Greece) Bernard Vernier; Part II. Materna in Extremis: the Clash of Interests between Mother and Child: 3. Infanticide in rural Barvaria in the nineteenth century Regina Schulte; 4. Possession and dispossession: maternity and mortality in Morocco Vanessa Maher; Part III. Property in the Mediation of Family Relations: 5. 'Avoir sa part': sibling relations in partible inheritance Brittany Martine Segalen; 6. Tensions, dissensions, and ruptures inside the family in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Haute Provence Alain Collomp; 7. Young bees in an empty hive: relations between brother-in-law in a South German village around 1800 David Warren Sabean.