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Uses and Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke: Its Ethnobotany as Hallucinogen, Perfume, Incense, and Medicine

Its Ethnobotany As Hallucinogen, Perfume, Incense, and Medicine

Marcello Pennacchio, Lara Jefferson, Kayri Havens

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The Uses and Abuses of Plant -Derived Smoke is a global compendium of the ethnobotanical uses for plant-derived smoke. It provides information on the medicinal, religious, recreational and other uses of smoke derived from over 1,400 species of plants.

Marcello Pennacchio is an ethnobotanist with more than twelve years of experience in research and teaching in this area. He has published many peer-reviewed journal articles on traditional Australian Aboriginal uses for plants, with special emphasis on those considered useful for treating heart-related diseases. His current research interests include plants that can be smoked for medicinal and other purposes.
Lara V. Jefferson is a restoration ecologist. She too has written scholarly journal articles and has presented her work at various conferences all over the world. Her main research interests are invasive plant species and using smoke to promote seed germination.
Kayri Havens is the Medard and Elizabeth Welch Director of the Division for Plant Biology and Conservation at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Dr Havens has also written scholarly journal articles and recently co-authored and co-edited a book on conservation, titled Ex-situ Plant Conservation (Island Press).


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Erscheinungsdatum 01.07.2010
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ISBN 978-0-19-537001-0
Verlag Oxford University Press
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