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Encyclopedia of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

One of the hallmarks of cognitive behavior therapy is its diversity today. Since its inception, over twenty five years ago, this once revolutionary approach to psychotherapy has grown to encompass treatments across the full range of psychological disorders. The Encyclopedia of Cognitive Behavior Therapy brings together all of the key aspects of this field distilling decades of clinical wisdom into one authoritative volume.

With a preface by Aaron T. Beck, founder of the cognitive approach, the Encyclopedia features entries by noted experts including Arthur Freeman, Windy Dryden, Marsha Linehan, Edna Foa, and Thomas Ollendick to name but a few, and reviews the latest empirical data on first-line therapies and combination approaches, to give readers both insights into clients' problems and the most effective treatments available.

. Common disorders and conditions: anxiety, depression, OCD, phobias, sleep disturbance, eating disorders, grief, anger

. Essential components of treatment: the therapeutic relationship, case formulation, homework, relapse prevention

. Treatment methods: dialectical behavior therapy, REBT, paradoxical interventions, social skills training, stress inoculation, play therapy, CBT/medicine combinations

. Applications of CBT with specific populations: children, adolescents, couples, dually diagnosed clients, the elderly, veterans, refugees

. Emerging problems: Internet addiction, chronic pain, narcolepsy pathological gambling, jet lag

All entries feature reference lists and are cross-indexed.

The Encyclopedia of Cognitive Behavior Therapy capably fills practitioners' and educators' needs for an idea book, teaching text, or quick access to practical, workable interventions. TOC:-Common disorders and conditions including anxiety, depression, OCD, phobias, sleep disturbance, eating disorders, grief, anger -Essential components of treatment: the therapeutic relationship, case formulation, homework, relapse prevention -Treatment methods: dialectical behavior therapy, REBT, paradoxical interventions, social skills training, stress inoculation, play therapy, CBT/medicine combinations -Applications of CBT with specific populations: children, adolescents, couples, dually diagnosed clients, the elderly, veterans, refugees

From the reviews:

"Readers interested in gaining information on ‘mainstream’ cognitive behavior theory (CBT) topics … will not be disappointed. However, the diversity of topics covered is broad enough that those interested in topics outside the mainstream are not likely to be disappointed either. Even seasoned CBT clinicians and researchers are likely to find applications of CBT in this volume that are new to them. … it provides information of interest to a wide range of readers – from novices to experts." (Christina S. McCrea, PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 51 (8), 2006)

"Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT) has been reported to be among the most widely practiced therapy techniques in the United States. … At approximately 450 pages, the encyclopedia is concise in size, yet comprehensive in scope. … A list of references for further research is provided at the end of every article. … it provides an excellent and broad overview and would fit the needs of students, therapists, or patients who wish to learn more about the applications of cognitive behavior therapy." (Lorraine Evans, ARBA online, March, 2007)

Dr. Arthur Freeman is the Dean of Counseling, Education, Psychology and Social work at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Prior to his move to Indiana, he was Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology and Director of the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has remained in the position of Professor since his move. He completed his undergraduate and early graduate work at New York University and his doctoral work at Teachers College-Columbia University. He studied at the Alfred Adler Institute in New York under Drs. Kurt and Alexandra Adler, the Institute for Rational Living under Dr. Albert Ellis, and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Aaron T. Beck. In addition to 50+ book chapters, reviews and journal articles, he has published twenty three professional books on the topic of CBT including: Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders (with Aaron T. Beck), Clinical Applications of Cognitive Therapy, The Comprehensive Casebook of Cognitive Therapy (with Frank Dattilio). Dr. Arthur Freeman has published two popular books, Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Overcoming Mistakes and Missed Opportunities (with Rose DeWolf) and The Ten Dumbest Mistakes Smart People Make, and How to Overcome Them (with Rose DeWolf). His work has been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. Dr. Freeman serves on the editorial boards of several U.S. and international journals. He is board certified in Clinical Psychology, Family Therapy and Behavioral Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. Art Freeman is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (divisions of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Family Psychology), of the American Psychological Society, of the Academy of Clinical Psychology, and of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. Dr. Freeman is a past president of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy and is the Vice President (2000-2002) of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. In 2000, the Pennsylvania Psychological Association named him recipient of its award for "Outstanding Contribution to the Science and Practice of Psychology." Dr. Arthur Freeman has been a Visiting Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Universities of Umea and Gothenburg (Sweden); at the University of Catania (Italy), at the Shanghai Second Medical University (China). He has lectured in twenty five countries over the past 20 years.
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  • Artikelbild-0
  • . Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
    . Addictive Behavior- Non-substance Abuse
    . Addictive Behavior- Substance Abuse
    . ADHD- Adult
    . ADHD- Child
    . Adolescent Aggression and Anger Management
    . Aging and Dementia
    . Aggressive and Antisocial Behavior in Youth
    . Anger- Adult
    . Anger Control Problems
    . Anger Management Therapy with Adolescents
    . Anorexia Nervosa
    . Anxiety- Adult
    . Anxiety- Children
    . Anxiety in Children- FRIENDS PROGRAM
    . Anxiety/Anger Management Training (AMT)
    . Applied Behavior Analysis
    . Asperger's Disorder
    . Autism Spectrum Disorders
    . Behavior Therapy
    . Behavioral Assessment
    . Behavioral Neuropsychology
    . Biofeedback
    . Biopsychosocial Treatment of Pain
    . Bipolar Disorder
    . Body Dysmorphia 1
    . Body Dysmorphia 2
    . Bulimia Nervosa
    . Cancer
    . Caregivers of Medically Ill Persons
    . Case Formulation
    . Child Abuse
    . Children- Behavioral Therapy
    . Chronic Pain
    . Clinical Health Psychology
    . Cognitive Distortions
    . Cognitive Vulnerability
    . Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression
    . Computer Programs for Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
    . Computers and Technology
    . Couple and Family Therapy
    . Couples Therapy
    . Couples Therapy- Substance Abuse
    . Crisis Intervention
    . Depression- Adult
    . Depression- General
    . Depression- Youth
    . Depression and Personality Disorders- Older Adults
    . Developmental Disabilities in Community Settings
    . Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders
    . Disruptive Anger
    . Dreams
    . Dual Diagnosis
    . Exposure Therapy
    . Family Caregivers
    . Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    . Group Therapy
    . Health Anxiety
    . History of Behavioral Medicine
    . Homework
    . Hypnotherapy
    . Imagery
    . Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy
    . Inpatient Treatment
    . Linguistic Therapy of Evaluation
    . Low Self-Esteem
    . Medically Unexplained Symptoms
    . Mental Retardation- Adult
    . Models of Violent Behavior
    . Mood Disorders- Bipolar Disorder
    . Motivational Interviewing
    . Obesity
    . Panic Disorder
    . Paradoxical Intention and Related Techniques
    . Parents of Children with ADHD
    . Pathological Gambling
    . Perfectionism
    . Personal Construct Psychology
    . Personality Disorders
    . Pharmacotherapy and Cognitive Therapy- Combined Treatment
    . Phobia
    . Play Therapy
    . PTSD
    . PTSD- Children
    . PTSD- Older Adults
    . PTSD- War Related
    . Primary Care Therapy
    . Problem Solving- Depression
    . Problem Solving- General
    . Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    . Rehabilitation Psychology
    . Relapse Prevention
    . Religious Beliefs and Practices
    . Resistance
    . Schizophrenia
    . School-Based Therapy
    . Severe OCD
    . Sex Offending
    . Sexual Dysfunction
    . Sexual Offenders and Paraphilias
    . Sleep Disorders
    . Social Anxiety Disorder 1
    . Social Anxiety Disorder 2
    . Social Cognition in Children and Youth
    . Social Skills Training
    . Socratic Dialogue
    . Somatization
    . Stages of Change
    . Suicide-
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Herausgeber Stephanie Felgoise, Arthur M. Nezu, Christine M. Nezu, Mark A. Reinecke
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Erscheinungsdatum 18.06.2006
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9780306485817
Verlag Springer
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