A Remarkable Collection of Babylonian Mathematical Texts

Manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection: Cuneiform Texts I

Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

The book analyzes the mathematical tablets from the private collection of Martin Schoyen. It includes analyses of tablets which have never been studied before. This provides new insight into Babylonian understanding of sophisticated mathematical objects. The book is carefully written and organized. The tablets are classified according to mathematical content and purpose, while drawings and pictures are provided for the most interesting tablets.


From the reviews:

"This fascinating book presents 121 unpublished mathematical clay tablets from the Norwegian Schøyen Collection … . The book is divided into 12 chapters, 10 appendices, a vocabulary for MS texts, an index of subjects … and a large list of references. … Many pictures, drawings and coloured photos of the most interesting tablets are also included. … opens up Babylonian mathematics to a new generation of mathematicians, historians of science and mathematics, teachers and students. It can therefore be recommended to a wide audience." (European Mathematical Society Newsletter, June, 2008)

"We welcome the book under review, a study of the Martin Schøyen collection … . this collection include exemplars of virtually every known type of mathematical tablet, as well as some types of tablets that have never been published. … Friberg’s book will be invaluable for anyone studying Mesopotamian mathematics, as it provides so many more examples of mathematical ideas that were used by the scribes. … Any good library in the history of mathematics should possess copies … ." (Victor J. Katz, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2008 h)

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