While We're Young

Tony Bennett

Musik (CD)
Musik (CD)
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Medium CD
Anzahl 2
Erscheinungsdatum 20.01.2011
Sprache Deutsch
EAN 0604988067927
Hersteller HART Musik-Vertrieb GmbH
Komponist Tony Bennett


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  • While We're Young

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    • Cold, cold heart
    1. Cold, cold heart
    2. There'll be no teardrops tonight
    3. How can I replace you?
    4. Taking a chance on love
    5. Walk in the country
    6. Happiness street (Corner sunshine square)
    7. I wanna be loved
    8. Can you find it in your heart
    9. Congratulations to someone
    10. Because of you
    11. In the middle of an island
    12. Stay where you are (this is the moment I prayed for)
    13. Love walked in
    14. Always
    15. Alone together
    16. I won't cry anymore
    17. Have a good time
    18. Just in time ("The bells are ringing")
    19. I am
    20. Gone with the wind
    21. Here in my heart
    22. Close your eyes
    23. While we're young
    24. You can depend on me
    25. It's magic
    26. Firefly
    27. Smile
    28. Out of this world
    29. Without a song
  • While We're Young

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    • The boulevard of broken dreams
    1. The boulevard of broken dreams
    2. Stranger in paradise ("Kismet")
    3. Come back and tell me that you love me
    4. I'm always chasing rainbows
    5. Take me back again
    6. Rags to riches
    7. My heart won't say goodbye ("The girl in the pink tights")
    8. Anywhere I wander ("Hans Christian Andersen")
    9. How long has this been going on
    10. Somewhere along the way
    11. Cinnamon sinner
    12. Roses of yesterday
    13. Why does it have to be me?
    14. Blue velvet
    15. From the candy store on the corner
    16. No one will ever know
    17. Here comes that heartache again
    18. Young and warm and wonderful
    19. I'm the king of broken hearts
    20. Not as a stranger
    21. Take me
    22. Come next spring
    23. Sophisticated lady
    24. I'll bring you a rainbow
    25. Climb every mountain ("The sound of music")
    26. Ask anyone in love
    27. The night that heaven fell
    28. Sing you sinners