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ZANDBAR, M: Geometric Motifs During Safavid Era

Annotation Of Geometric Motifs During Safavid Era in Iran by research on Isfahan buildings;Aliqapu palace & Shah mosque

Maryam Zandbar

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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since i decided to be an artist,i had dream to have a close communication with other nations and cultures in the world.this is the main reason that encourage me to start my research on the base of motifs,specially geometric one.geometric motifs are familiar to the most of the cultures in the world but most of the artists specially Iranian artists needs to know about the true meaning of them,for example why they were used in some special part on the buildings or how they were created.all of the geometric motifs are created from five main format of geometric:circle,triangle,square,star and hexagon.this book shows you how they are created and you can learn the meaning of each one.

Maryam Zandbar holds B.A in Textile design from U.S.C University/ Iran and M.A in New media and visual communication from UITM University/Malaysia.She works as a textile designer,website designer and interior designer until now.Passion for understanding the geometric motifs during Safavid Era ,push her to choose this topic as her M.A thesis.


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