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The Marketing Agency Blueprint

The Handbook for Building Hybrid PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web Firms

Paul Roetzer

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Build a disruptive marketing agency for the modern age
The marketing services industry is on the cusp of a truly transformational period. The old guard, rooted in tradition and resistant to change, will fall and new leaders will emerge. Hybrid marketing agencies that are more nimble, tech savvy, and collaborative will redefine the industry. Digital services will be engrained into the DNA and blended with traditional methods for integrated campaigns. The depth, versatility, and drive of their talent will be the cornerstones of organizations that pursue a higher purpose. The Marketing Agency Blueprint is a practical and candid guide that presents ten rules for building such a hybrid agency.
The new marketing agency model will create and nurture diverse recurring revenue streams through a mix of services, consulting, training, education, publishing, and software sales. It will use efficiency and productivity, not billable hours, as the essential drivers of profitability. Its value and success will be measured by outcomes, not outputs. Its strength and stability will depend on a willingness to be in a perpetual state of change, and an ability to execute and adapt faster than competitors. The Marketing Agency Blueprint demonstrates how to:
* Generate more qualified leads, win clients with set pricing and service packages, and secure more long-term retainers
* Develop highly efficient management systems and more effective account teams
* Deliver greater results and value to clients
This is the future of the marketing services industry. A future defined and led by underdogs and innovators. You have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the transformation.


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Erscheinungsdatum 27.01.2012
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-118-13136-7
Verlag John Wiley & Sons Inc
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  • Foreword Brian Halligan xiii

    Acknowledgments xvii

    Introduction 1

    The Origin 1

    The Opportunity to Emerge 2

    Causes for Change 2

    Accelerating Transformation 4

    The Value Imperative 5

    Chapter 1 Eliminate Billable Hours 7

    Disrupt or Be Disrupted 7

    A Broken System 8

    The Power of Transparency 14

    The Move to Standardized Services and Set Pricing 15

    Value-Based Pricing 15

    Focus on Recurring Revenue 24

    Chapter 2 Transform into a Hybrid 27

    Every Firm Is a Tech Firm 27

    Meet the Demand for Digital Services 34

    Understand Your Role in the Ecosystem 38

    The Art of Outsourcing and Collaboration 48

    Diversify Your Revenue Streams 50

    Chapter 3 Think Talent and Team 55

    Great Teams Finish First 55

    A Players, the Draft, and Free Agency 57

    Hire, Retain, and Advance Hybrid Professionals 61

    Talent Evaluation and Professional Reviews 72

    Leaders Must Lead: The LeBron James Parable 75

    Chapter 4 Build a Scalable Infrastructure 79

    Make Decisions That Fit Your Growth Goals 79

    The Realities of Costs, Funding, and Cash Flow 88

    Agility, Mobility, and the Cloud 91

    Chapter 5 Devise an Inbound Marketing GamePlan 95

    The Shift to Inbound Marketing 95

    Origins of the Inbound Marketing GamePlan 96

    The Foundation: Brand and Website 99

    Audiences: Segment and Prioritize 104

    Objectives: Set Your Success Factors 107

    Strategies and Tactics: Take an Integrated Approach 109

    Does Inbound Marketing Really Work for Agencies? 116

    Chapter 6 Control the Sales Funnel 121

    Agency Sales System Essentials 121

    People, Tools, and Processes 124

    Understanding the Buying Cycle 135

    Lead Generation 137

    Prospects and Lead Nurturing 139

    Conversions and Transitions 143

    Chapter 7 Commit to Clients 147

    Build Relationships and Loyalty 147

    The Significance of Systems 152

    Prioritizing and Evaluating Accounts 159

    The Marketing Consultant Laws 161

    Chapter 8 Deliver Results 165

    Become Measurement Geeks 165

    Use Analytics to Adapt 169

    Activate Builders and Drivers 172

    Unplug to Excel 180

    Chapter 9 Embrace Failure 185

    If Your Model Is Broke, Fix It 185

    The Disruptor Advantage 186

    The Traditionalist Opportunity 186

    Spend Less Time Planning, More Time Doing 188

    Chapter 10 Pursue Purpose 193

    Stand for Something 193

    The Purpose Pyramid: A New Planning Paradigm 194

    Fate, Destiny, and the Business of Life 199

    Conclusion 201

    The Transformation 201

    Core Concepts 202

    Resources 211

    Visit 211

    Notes 213

    About the Author 219

    Index 221