Global Environmental Change Science: Education and Training

NATO ASI Series. Series I: Global Environmental Change Band 29

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A workshop was held in June 1994 at the University of Western Ontario, London, concerned with education and training in global environmental change science. It was principally devoted to post-school education from first year university to postgraduate levels. I have arranged the papers and the results of discussions in the following order: Section 1: Introduction These papers set the scene. It begins with one by Beran whose original idea the workshop was. Schneider outlines various ways in which interdisciplinary courses in general and global change science in particular can be set up. Fyfe looks at the wider issues of global change that affect us all. There are then papers which examine major problems (Leal Filho; and Troost) and programmes to meet them (Carter; Fisher). Harger Section 2: Global Change Science Courses These papers are concerned with courses concerned with various aspects of global change courses. They include contributions from nine countries at different levels of secondary and university education. Section 3: Resources for teaching Global Change Science New resources are needed for effective courses, particularly those in which students can participate actively. There are wide selections both in terms of topics and teaching strategies, most of which are interactive. Section 4: Workshop discussions The workshop participants split themselves amongst three groups, one to discuss early undergraduate courses, another with senior undergraduate courses and the third with postgraduate courses. Their discussions are brought together in this section and common themes are identified.


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  • Section 1: Introduction.- Education and Global Environmental Change.- Evolutionary Organizational Models for Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching of Global Environmental Change.- Education and Training of Global Environmental Change Scientists.- Sustainable Developement Towards Global Change partnerships.- Environmental Education and Training of Global Scientists for Sustainability.- The Role of Environmental Education in the Training of Scientists on Global Environmental Changes in Developing Countries.- NASA/USRA Cooperative University-based Earth System Science Education Program.- Global Change Education: The Evolving U.S. Federal Plan.- Section 2: Global Change Science Course.- Teaching Teachers About Global Change Science: Project COPE.- What Is Environmental Chemistry?.- Chemistry, Resources and the Environment.- Teaching Environmental Sciences to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Chemistry Students.- The Science and Social Issues Related to Global Environmental Change: An Undergraduate Honors Colloquium.- Building an Undergraduate Earth Systems Science Education Program.- Training Atmospheric Scientists: Examples from Denmark.- The Arctic Studies Program at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland.- Education and Training in Environmental Science in Greece.- Climate Change Education and Training at Wageningen Agricultural University.- Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado.- Geographical Concept of Training in Environmental Management: Local, Regional and Global Aspects.- Environmental Monitoring: Special Course for Training Global Change Scientists.- The Development of a New Masters Level Course: MSc Environmental Change and Management, University of Oxford, UK.- Section 3: Resources for Teaching Global Change Science.- Teaching Global Change Science to Non-Science Majors.- Teaching the Human Aspects of Earth System Science.- Historical Geology: An Avenue for Teaching Global Change Issues.- The Truth about Catalytic Convertors.- Capacity Building in Marine Remote Sensing through Computer-based Modules Serving a Global Network.- Teaching Global Change Topics by Linking Classroom and International Field Research Experiences.- Global Change: A Context for Teaching Science.- Section 4: Workshop Discussions.- Education and training in Global Change Science.- Participants.- Workshop Committee.