Mindfulness Meditation 2d

Nine Guided Practices to Awaken Presence and Open Your Heart

Tara Brach

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Hörbuch (CD)
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Mindfulness Meditations for Healing, Presence, and Clarity

A profound transformation can occur just by training your attention in awareness-a practice sweeping schools, workplaces, and institutions across the country with its capacity to decrease stress, cultivate inner calm, and expand wisdom and creativity. Clinical psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Brach has been at the forefront of mindfulness-based therapy since its inception, successfully bringing principles of mindfulness to alleviate depression, chronic pain, and more. Now, with Mindfulness Meditation, she offers nine of her most effective guided sessions, perfect for beginning or deepening your mindfulness practice:

A Pause for Presence-a short, basic practice that can be used daily to feel at home with mindfulness
. Developing Self-Compassion-a meditation that cultivates a forgiving and caring heart towards yourself and others
. Presence with Everyday Fears-a practice to help you address fear and other emotions in order to find greater freedom and choice
. Mindfulness of Pain-a meditation to release you from physical suffering
. Contacting Our Inner Wisdom-a practice to help you avoid constant reactivity in difficult situations
"It's only in the actual experience of here and now that we can experience our full aliveness," teaches Dr. Brach. "The practice of mindfulness helps to open a heart that is ready for anything." With Mindfulness Meditation, find the tools to walk the path of mindful awareness-and connect with your innate capacity for love, clarity, and inner peace.

Tara Brach


Medium CD
Spieldauer 152 Minuten
Erscheinungsdatum 01.06.2012
Verlag Sounds True Inc
Sprache Englisch
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