Ice Core Studies of Global Biogeochemical Cycles

NATO ASI Series. Series I: Global Environmental Change Band 30

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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The analysis of polar ice cores has proven to be very instructive about past environmental conditions on the time scale of several climatic cycles, and recent drilling operations have provided information of great value for global change issues.

The book presents the most recent data extracted from Greenland ice cores and surface experiments and compares them with former Antarctic results. It contains background articles, original contributions and group reports of interest to scientists, climatologists, atmospheric chemists, and glaciologists involved in global change research.


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  • Arctic Aerosols: Composition, Sources and Transport.- Nature and Origin of Antarctic Submicron Aerosols.- Cloud Processes in the Troposphere.- Ocean/Atmosphere Cycling of Dimethylsulfide.- Sulphur-Derived Species in Polar Ice: A Review.- The Contributions of Wet, Fog, and Dry Deposition to the Summer SO4 2? Flux at Summit, Greenland.- Biological Sulfur, Clouds and Climate.- The Chemistry and Climatic Role of Biogenic Sulfur: Group Discussion.- 1250 Years of Global Volcanism as Revealed by Central Greenland Ice Cores.- Nitrate in Polar Ice.- A Preliminary Study of the Air-Snow Relationship for Nitric Acid in Greenland.- Nitric Acid in Firn: Discussion.- Group Meeting on Nitrate Sources in Antarctica and Greenland.- H2O2 and HCHO in Polar Snow and Their Relation to Atmospheric Chemistry.- Photochemical Modeling of Chemical Cycles: Issues Related to the Interpretation of Ice Core Data.- Impact of Biomass Burning on the Atmosphere.- Combustion Carbonaceous Aerosols in the Atmosphere: Implications for Ice Core Studies.- Boreal Biomass Burning Over the Last 80 Years Recorded in a Summit-Greenland Ice Core.- Preliminary Investigations of Post Depositional Effects on HCl, HNO3, and Organic Acids in Polar Firn Layers.- A New Approach to Glaciochemical Time Series Analysis.- Mercury in Ancient Ice and Recent Snow from the Antarctic.- Plutonium from Nagasaki A-Bomb as a Possible Tracer for Global Transport, Using Existing Initial Conditions and Ice Cores.- Current Status of Atmospheric Studies at Summit (Greenland) and Implications for Future Research.