Re-Designing the East

Politisches Design in Asien und Europa

Iris Dressler, Hans D. Christ

Buch (Paperback)
Buch (Paperback)
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Re-Designing the East: Political Design in Asia and Europe addresses critical and resistive design practices in Eastern Europe as well as Asia from the eighties to the present. It focuses on the role of both design and designers in the context of sweeping social, political, economic, and cultural upheaval.
Since the early nineties, the world order has radically shifted. In the faraway East—as viewed from a Eurocentric perspective—countries like South Korea, Thailand, India, and China have long since begun to assert economic positions of global relevance. The book sheds light on various design positions, such as the Polish designer Jerzy Janiszewski, who created the Solidarnosc logo; the Indian network Design & People, which is involved in sociopolitical projects; the boycott campaign by the Thai designer Pracha Suveeranont; as well as the South Korean group Activism of Graphic Imagination (A.G.I.).


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