Getting Ready to Negotiate: The Getting to Yes Workbook

The Getting to Yes Workbook

Roger Fisher, Danny Ertel

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This companion volume to the negotiation classic Getting to Yes explores the negotiation process in depth and presents case studies, charts, and worksheets for blueprinting and personalized negotiating strategy.

Roger Fisher is the Samuel Williston Professor of Law Emeritus, Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and the founder of two consulting organizations devoted to strategic advice and negotiation training.


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    Using This Workbook
    1. Introduction
    2. In a Hurry?:
    Sudden Prep
    Priority Prep
    THE SEVEN ELEMENTS OF NEGOTIATION3. Interests: What Do People Really Want?
    Forms: Interests I: Identify the Relevant Parties
    Interests 2: Clarify the Interests
    Interests 3: Probe for Underlying Interests
    4. Options: What Are Possible Agreements or Bits of an Agreement?
    Forms: Options 1: Create Options to Meet Interests
    Options 2: Find Ways to Maximize Joint Gains
    5. Alternatives: What Will I Do If We Do Not Agree?
    Forms: Alternatives 1: Think of My Alternatives to a Negotiated Agreement
    Alternatives 2: Select and Improve my BATNA
    Alternatives 3: Identify Alternatives Open to the Other Side
    Alternatives 4: Estimate Their BATNA
    6. Legitimacy: What Criteria Will I Use to Persuade Each of Us That We Are Not Being Ripped Off?
    Forms: Legitimacy 1: Use External Standards as a Sword and as a Shield
    Legitimacy 2: Use the Fairness of the Process to Persuade
    Legitimacy 3: Offer Them an Attractive Way to Explain Their Decision
    7. Communication: Am I Ready to Listen and Talk Effectively?
    Forms: Communication 1: Question My Assumptions and Identify Things to Listen For
    Communication 2: Reframe to Help Them Understand
    8. Relationship: Am I Ready to Deal with the Relationship?
    Forms: Relationship 1: Separate People Issues from Substantive Issues
    Relationship 2: Prepare to Build a Good Working Relationship
    9. Commitment: What Commitments Should I Seek or Make?
    Forms: Commitment 1: Identify the Issues to Be Included in the Agreement
    Commitment 2: Plan the Steps to Agreement
    Appendix A: Getting Better at Preparation
    Appendix B: A Preparation Tool Kit