Harding, S: The Last Battle

When U.S. and German Soldiers Joined Forces in the Waning Hours of World War II in Europe

Stephen Harding

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Documents the 1945 efforts of U.S. and German soldiers to rescue fourteen prominent French prisoners from an SS-guarded castle in the Austrian Alps, sharing insights into the motives behind the unlikely alliance.

As a journalist specializing in military affairs, Stephen Harding has reported from Northern Ireland, Bosnia, and Iraq. Currently senior editor at "Military History" magazine, he lives in Virginia.

Advance praise for "The Last Battle" Rick Atkinson, author of "The Day of Battle" "A tale as compelling as it is unlikely. "The Last Battle" demonstrates that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction, particularly in war. Well-researched and well-told." Alan Furst, bestselling author of "Dark Star" and"Night Soldiers" "Stephen Harding has a laser-beam instinct for the detail that tells the story, he's a fine writer, and, most important, knows a good story when he sees one. All the above is true of "The Last Battle," one of the more remarkable battles in a truly vast war, now very nicely illuminated." Alex Kershaw, bestselling author of "The Liberator" "A little-known but fascinating story brought brilliantly to life." Patrick K. O'Donnell, bestselling author of "Dog Company" "I love untold stories from World War II, and this is a great one. Brilliantly told, meticulously researched, and filled with larger-than-life heroes and villains. "The Last Battle" is such a compelling read, I couldn't put it down." John C. McManus, author of "September Hope" ""The Last Battle" combines good history and good storytelling. Harding writes with the skill and grace of a novelist but also the authority of an historian who has done some rather remarkable research into a previously lost chapter from World War II's final days. I had trouble putting this book down, and I think you will, too." Peter Carlson, author of "K Blows Top" "The Nazis capture two former Prime Ministers of France (who detest each other) and lock them in a medieval castle in Austria. A handful of intrepid American soldiers sets out to rescue them. And then...well, you'll have to read "The Last Battle" to find out what happened. It's going to make a fantastic action movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger, call your agent!" "San Diego Union Tribune," 4/28/13 "At the heart of The Last Battle is a largely unknown story that (a) seems implausible, (b) w


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