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Lean Analytics

Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster

Alistair Croll

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Whether you’re a startup founder trying to disrupt an industry or an intrapreneur trying to provoke change from within, your biggest challenge is creating a product people actually want. Lean Analytics steers you in the right direction.

This book shows you how to validate your initial idea, find the right customers, decide what to build, how to monetize your business, and how to spread the word. Packed with more than thirty case studies and insights from over a hundred business experts, Lean Analytics provides you with hard-won, real-world information no entrepreneur can afford to go without.
* Understand Lean Startup, analytics fundamentals, and the data-driven mindset
* Look at six sample business models and how they map to new ventures of all sizes
* Find the One Metric That Matters to you
* Learn how to draw a line in the sand, so you’ll know it’s time to move forward
* Apply Lean Analytics principles to large enterprises and established products


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Seitenzahl 440
Erscheinungsdatum 05.04.2013
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4493-3567-0
Verlag O'Reilly Media
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    • Praise for Lean Analytics

    • Foreword

    • Preface

    • Stop Lying to Yourself

      • Chapter 1: We're All Liars

      • Chapter 2: How to Keep Score

      • Chapter 3: Deciding What to Do with Your Life

      • Chapter 4: Data-Driven Versus Data-Informed

    • Finding the Right Metric for Right Now

      • Chapter 5: Analytics Frameworks

      • Chapter 6: The Discipline of One Metric That Matters

      • Chapter 7: What Business Are You In?

      • Chapter 8: Model One: E-commerce

      • Chapter 9: Model Two: Software as a Service (SaaS)

      • Chapter 10: Model Three: Free Mobile App

      • Chapter 11: Model Four: Media Site

      • Chapter 12: Model Five: User-Generated Content

      • Chapter 13: Model Six: Two-Sided Marketplaces

      • Chapter 14: What Stage Are You At?

      • Chapter 15: Stage One: Empathy

      • Chapter 16: Stage Two: Stickiness

      • Chapter 17: Stage Three: Virality

      • Chapter 18: Stage Four: Revenue

      • Chapter 19: Stage Five: Scale

      • Chapter 20: Model + Stage Drives the Metric You Track

    • Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 21: Am I Good Enough?

      • Chapter 22: E-commerce: Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 23: SaaS: Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 24: Free Mobile App: Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 25: Media Site: Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 26: User-Generated Content: Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 27: Two-Sided Marketplaces: Lines in the Sand

      • Chapter 28: What to Do When You Don't Have a Baseline

    • Putting Lean Analytics to Work

      • Chapter 29: Selling into Enterprise Markets

      • Chapter 30: Lean from Within: Intrapreneurs

      • Chapter 31: Conclusion: Beyond Startups

    • References and Further Reading

    • About the Authors

    • The Lean Series