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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Learn how to break the worry habit -- Now and forever!

With Dale Carnegie's timeless advice in hand, more than six million people have learned how to eliminate debilitating fear and worry from their lives and to embrace a worry-free future. In this classic work, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Carnegie offers a set of practical formulas that you can put to work today. It is a book packed with lessons that will last a lifetime and make that lifetime happier!


  • Eliminate fifty percent of business worries immediately
  • Reduce financial worries
  • Avoid fatigue -- and keep looking young
  • Add one hour a day to your waking life
  • Find yourself and be yourself -- remember there is no one else on earth like you!

Fascinating to read and easy to apply, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living deals with fundamental emotions and life-changing ideas. There's no need to live with worry and anxiety that keep you from enjoying a full, active life!
Dale Carnegie
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  • ContentsPREFACE How This Book Was Written -- and Why Nine Suggestions on How to Get the Most out of This BookPART ONEFUNDAMENTAL FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WORRY 1 Live in "Day-tight Compartments" 2 A Magic Formula for Solving Worry Situations 3 What Worry May Do to YouPART TWOBASIC TECHNIQUES IN ANALYZING WORRY 4 How to Analyze and Solve Worry Problems 5 How to Eliminate Fifty Per Cent of Your Business WorriesPART THREEHOW TO BREAK THE WORRY HABIT BEFORE IT BREAKS YOU 6 How to Crowd Worry Out of Your Mind 7 Don't Let the Beetles Get You Down 8 A Law That Will Outlaw Many of Your Worries 9 Co-operate with the Inevitable 10 Put a "Stop-Loss" Order on Your Worries 11 Don't Try to Saw SawdustPART FOURSEVEN WAYS TO CULTIVATE A MENTAL ATTITUDE THAT WILL BRING YOU PEACE AND HAPPINESS 12 Eight Words That Can Transform Your Life 13 The High Cost of Getting Even 14 If You Do This, You Will Never Worry About Ingratitude 15 Would You Take a Million Dollars for What You Have? 16 Find Yourself and Be Yourself: Remember There Is No One Else on Earth Like You 17 If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade 18 How to Cure Depression in Fourteen DaysPART FIVETHE PERFECT WAY TO CONQUER WORRY 19 How My Mother and Father Conquered WorryPART SIXHOW TO KEEP FROM WORRYING ABOUT CRITICISM 20 Remember That No One Ever Kicks a Dead Dog 21 Do This -- and Criticism Can't Hurt You 22 Fool Things I Have DonePART SEVENSIX WAYS TO PREVENT FATIGUE AND WORRY AND KEEP YOUR ENERGY AND SPIRITS HIGH 23 How to Add One Hour a Day to Your Waking Life 24 What Makes You Tired -- and What You Can Do About It 25 How to Avoid Fatigue -- and Keep Looking Young! 26 Four Good Working Habits That Will Help Prevent Fatigue and Worry 27 How to Banish the Boredom That Produces Fatigue, Worry, and Resentment 28 How to Keep from Worrying About InsomniaPART EIGHT"HOW I CONQUERED WORRY"Six Major Troubles Hit Me All at Onceby C.I. BlackwoodI Can Turn Myself into a Shouting Optimist Within an Hourby Roger W. BabsonHow I got Rid of an Inferiority Complexby Elmer ThomasI Lived in the Garden of Allahby R. V. C. BodleyFive Methods I have Used to Banish Worry by Professor William Lyon PhelpsI Stood Yesterday. I Can Stand Todayby Dorothy DixI Did Not Expect to Live to See the Dawnby J.C. PenneyI Go to the Gym to Punch the Bag or Take a Hike Outdoorsby Colonel Eddie EaganI Was "The Worrying Wreck from Virginia Tech"by Jim BirdsallI Have Lived by This Sentenceby Dr. Joseph R. SizooI Hit Bottom and Survivedby Ted EricksenI Used to Be One of the World's Biggest Jackassesby Percy H. WhitingI Have Always Tried to Keep My Line of Supplies Openby Gene AutryI Heard a Voice in Indiaby E. Stanley JonesWhen the Sheriff Came in My Front Doorby Homer CroyThe Toughest Opponent I Ever Fought Was Worryby Jack DempseyI Prayed to God to Keep Me Out of an Orphans' Homeby Kathleen HalterMy Stomach Was Twisting Like a Kansas Whirlwindby Cameron ShippI Learned to Stop Worrying by Watching My Wife Wash Dishesby Reverend William WoodI Found the Answerby Del HughesTime Solves a Lot of Things!by Louis T. Montant, Jr.I Was Warned Not to Try to Speak or to Move Even a Fingerby Joseph L. RyanI Am a Great Dismisserby Ordway TeadIf I Had Not Stopped Worrying, I Would Have Been in My Grave Long Agoby Connie MackI Got Rid of Stomach Ulcers and Worry by Changing My Job and My Mental Attitudeby Arden W. SharpeI Now Look for the Green Lightby Joseph M. CotterHow John D. Rockefeller Lived on Borrowed Time for Forty-five YearsI Was Committing Slow Suicide Because I Didn't Know How to Relaxby Paul SampsonA Real Miracle Happened to Meby Mrs. John BurgerHow Benjamin Franklin Conquered WorryI Was so Worried I Didn't Eat a Bite of Solid Food for Eighteen Daysby Kathryne Holcombe FarmerINDEX
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