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The Fine Art of Copyediting

Elsie Myers Stainton

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Many stylebooks and manuals explain writing, but before the release ten years ago of Elsie Myers Stainton's The Fine Art of Copyediting, few addressed the practices and problems of editing. This handbook has guided users through the editing process for books and journals, with tips on how to be diplomatic when recommending changes, how to edit notes and bibliographies, how to check proofs, and how to negotiate the ethical, intellectual, and emotional problems characteristic of the editorial profession. Now featuring solid advice on computer editing and a new chapter on style, as well as more information on references, bibliographies, indexing, and bias-free writing, The Fine Art of Copyediting, Second Edition offers the same wealth of information that prompted William Safire to commend the first edition in The New York Times Magazine.

Complete with helpful checklists for the manuscript, proof, and index stages of book production, as well as an excellent bibliography of reference works useful to the copyeditor, The Fine Art of Copyediting, Second Edition is an indispensable desk reference for writers and editors confronting a host of questions each day. Why use the word "people" instead of "persons?" What precautions are necessary for publishers to avoid libel suits? How can an editor win an author's trust? What type fonts facilitate the copyediting process? How does computer editing work? For experienced and novice copyeditors, writers and students, this is the source for detailed, step-by-step guidance to the entire editorial process.

Elsie Myers Stainton


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Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.2002
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-231-12479-9
Verlag Columbia University Press
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  • Preface to the Second Edition Introduction One. Basics The Copyeditor's Job; The Copyeditor's Stance; Kinds of Editors; The Value of Copyediting Two. Legal and Contractual Aspects of Publishing Mutual Dependency; Libel; Indiscretion (Bias); Copyright and Permissions Design: Illustrations; Jackets Other Contractual Specifics: Titles; Proofs and AAs; Index Three. Types of Editing Books:Trade Books, Scholarly Books, Textbooks, Scientific and Professional Books Reference Volumes: Dictionaries of the English Language; Other Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Miscellaneous Journals Four. The Editor's Dilemma Personal Relations: Praise; Differences of Opinion Difficult Manuscripts: Editor's Ploys; The Confident Bad Writer The Role of Appreciation Five. Editorial Procedures Basics: Choices; Generic Coding Preliminaries: Chapter Titles and Headings; Illustrative Material; Notes and Bibliography or References; Front Matter Copyediting: Errors, Ambiguities, Inconsistencies; Style of Writing Style Sheet: Capital Letters; Italics; Hyphens Special Problems: Corrections Finishing Up: Running Heads; Spine Copy; Review Editor to Author Six. Computer Technology The Publishing House; Computer Aids; Editor on Computer; Author on Computer; Computer Language; Results Seven. A Concise Manual of Writing Style for Copyeditors General Guidelines; Rhetoric; Readership; Ambiguity; Repetition; Pretentiousness Details: Spelling; Capitalization; Italics; Compound Words and Hyphens; British Spelling and Punctuation Grammar and Usage: Parts of Speech; Mistakes in Grammar; That and Which; Punctuation; Abbreviations; Cross-References Tables Bias-Free Writing Eight. The Fine Art Sentences Punctuation Figures of Speech: New Uses for Old Words; Metaphors New Words Changing Usage Nine. Notes, References, and Bibliographies Numbered Notes: Content and Placement; Shortening Parenthetical References Bibliographies (and Notes) References (and Parenthetical Citations) Page and Volume Numbers Alphabetization Summary on Documentation Basic Serviceable Forms of Notation and Reference: Numbered Notes and Bibliography; Parenthetical Notes and References Ten. Special Editing Problems Authors' Foibles: Faulty Research; Stubborn Author; Venerable Author; Problem Prefaces and Introductions Special Cases: Lectures to Books; Multiple Authorship; Transliteration; Translations Scholarship: Hebrew and Other Scripts; Authoritative Sources and Accuracy; Final Checking Eleven. Proofs and Index Twelve. Job Satisfaction Annotated Bibliography Dictionaries Manuals on Grammar and Format Stylistic Aids on Writing Reference Works Appendix. Figure 1. Sample of Computer-Edited Copy Figure 2. Explanation and Illustration of Editing Changes on Hard Copy or Typescript Figure 3. Abbreviations for Notes and Bibliographies Figure 4. Signs for Correcting Proof