E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation

A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation

Already climbing the bestseller lists-and garnering rave reviews-this "little masterpiece" sheds brilliant light on the equation that changed the world.

Bodanis begins by devoting chapters to each of the equation's letters and symbols, introducing the science and scientists forming the backdrop to Einstein's discovery-from Ole Roemer's revelation that the speed of light could be measured to Michael Faraday's pioneering work on energy fields. Having demystified the equation, Bodanis explains its science and brings it to life historically, making clear the astonishing array of discoveries and consequences it made possible. It would prove to be a beacon throughout the twentieth century, important to Ernest Rutherford, who discovered the structure of the atom, Enrico Fermi, who probed the nucleus, and Lise Meitner, who finally understood how atoms could be split wide open. And it has come to inform our daily lives, governing everything from the atomic bomb to a television's cathode-ray tube to the carbon dating of prehistoric paintings.

David Bodanis studied mathematics at the University of Chicago and in 1988 became a Senior Associate Member of St. Anthony's College in Oxford, England. From 1991-97, he lectured at the University of Oxford, designing the university's main survey of social science methods. Author of several books, he is an ideas consultant to corporations and organizations worldwide. A native of Chicago, he lives in London with his family.
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  • Preface
    Part 1: Birth
    1. Bern Patent Office, 1905
    Part 2: Ancestors of E=mc²
    2. E is for Energy
    3. =
    4. m Is for mass
    5. c Is for celeritas
    6. ²
    Part 3: The Early Years
    7. Einstein and the Equation
    8. Into the Atom
    9. Quiet in the Midday Snow
    Part 4: Adulthood
    10. Germany's Turn
    11. Norway
    12. America's Turn
    13. 8:16 AM - Over Japan
    Part 5: Til the End of Time
    14. The Fires of the Sun
    15. Creating the Earth
    16. A Brahmin Lifts His Eyes Unto the Sky
    Epilogue: What Else Einstein Did
    Appendix: Follow-Up of Other Key Participants
    Guide to Further Reading
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