The Contented Pregnancy

Dr Charlotte Chaliha, Gina Ford

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  • The Contented Pregnancy

    Ebury Publishing

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    Ebury Publishing

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Discovering that you are about to become a mum is one of life's most joyful moments. This indispensable guide from Gina Ford and consultant obstetrician Dr Charlotte Chaliha provides mums-to-be with the practical, reassuring and down-to-earth advice they need for a calm and contented pregnancy. Includes:

- a month by month guide to the growth of your baby and your changing body
- up-to-date guidance on nutrition, exercise and health
- advice on preparing your home and lifestyle for a new arrival
- how to prepare yourself for labour and birth
- what to expect in the first few weeks with your baby

The Contented Pregnancy is the essential guide to enjoying a relaxed pregnancy and giving your baby the very best start in life.

"For an astonishing number of mothers, she has proved a saviour" Daily Telegraph "Gina Ford is the Delia Smith of parenting" You magazine "For me she was an absolute godsend" Kate Winslet


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Seitenzahl 352
Erscheinungsdatum 02.05.2013
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-09-194776-7
Verlag Ebury Publishing
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    • 1: Introduction

    • Part 1: The Pregnancy Basics

      • 1: Fertility and Conception

      • 2: Discovering You're Pregnant

      • 3: Nutrition During Pregnancy

      • 4: Caring for Yourself During Pregnancy

      • 5: Exercise During Pregnancy

      • 6: Your Antenatal Care

    • Part 2: The Stages of Pregnancy

      • 7: The First Trimester

      • 8: The Second Trimester

      • 9: The Third Trimester

      • 10: Complications and Problems in Pregnancy

    • Part 3: Preparing for Life with Your Baby

      • 11: Preparing Your Home

      • 12: Your Changing Relationships

      • 13: Life and Work After Your Baby

    • Part 4: Birth and Beyond

      • 14: Labour and Birth

      • 15: The First Few Weeks with Your Baby

    • 16: Conclusion

    • 17: Resources

    • 18: Acknowledgements

    • 19: Index