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Creative Mythology: The Masks of God, Volume IV

The Masks of God, Volume IV

Masks of God Band 4

Joseph Campbell

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  • Creative Mythology: The Masks of God, Volume IV

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This is the final volume of "The Masks of God" series. This particular book comprises the inner story of modern culture, spanning our entire philosophical, spiritual and artistic history since the Dark Ages, and treating modern man's unique position as the creator of his own mythology.

Joseph Campbell was interested in mythology since his childhood in New York, when he read books about American Indians, frequently visited the American Museum of Natural History, and was fascinated by the museum's collection of totem poles. He earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Columbia in 1925 and 1927 and went on to study medieval French and Sanskrit at the universities of Paris and Munich. After a period in California, where he encountered John Steinbeck and the biologist Ed Ricketts, he taught at the Canterbury School, then, in 1934, joined the literature department at Sarah Lawrence College, a post he retained for many years. During the 1940s and '50s, he helped Swami Nikhilananda to translate the Upanishads and
The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. The many books by Professor Campbell include
The Hero with a Thousand Faces,
Myths to Live By,
The Flight of the Wild Gander, and
The Mythic Image. He edited
The Portable Arabian Nights,
The Portable Jung, and other works. He died in 1987.


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 752
Altersempfehlung ab 18 Jahr(e)
Erscheinungsdatum 01.11.1991
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-14-019440-1
Verlag Random House N.Y.
Maße (L/B/H) 21.5/13.8/3.5 cm
Gewicht 596 g

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  • Creative Mythology Part One: The Ancient VineChapter 1. Experience and Authority
    I. Creative Symbolization
    II. Where Words Turn Back
    III. The Trackless Way
    IV. Mountain Immortals
    Chapter 2. The World Transformed
    I. The Way of Noble Love
    II. The Devil's Door
    III. Heloise
    IV. The Crystalline Bed
    V. Aesthetic Arrest
    VI. The Potion
    Chapter 3. The Word Behind Words
    I. Symbolic Speech
    II. The Classical Heritage
    III. The Celto-Germanic Heritage
    IV. The Legacy of Islam
    V. The Gnostics
    Part Two: The Waste LandChapter 4. The Love-Death
    I. Eros, Agape, and Amor
    II. The Noble Heart
    III. Anamorphosis
    IV. The Music of the Land below Waves
    V. Moon Bull and Sun Steed
    VI. The Legend of the Fair Isolt
    Chapter 5. Phoenix Fire
    I. O Truly Blessed Night!
    II. The Left-Hand Way
    III. Puer Aeternus
    IV. Chaos
    Chapter 6. The Balance
    I. Honor against Love
    II. The Individual and the State
    III. Erotic Irony
    IV. Identity and Relationship
    V. Beauty Way
    VI. The Altar and the Pulpit
    VII. Democracy and the Terror
    VIII. The Amfortas Wound
    Part Three: The Way and the LifeChapter 7. The Crucified
    I. The Turning Wheel of Terror-Joy
    II. The Maimed Fisher King
    III. The Quest Beyond Meaning
    Chapter 8. The Paraclete
    I. The Son of the Widow
    II. First Intermezzo: The Restitution of Symbols
    III. The Ladies' Knight
    IV. Illuminations
    V. Second Intermezzo: The Secularization of Myth
    VI. The Castle of Marvels
    VII. Third Intermezzo: Mythogenesis
    VIII. The Crowning of the King
    IX. Envoy: To Each His Own
    Part Four: New WineChapter 9. The Death of "God"
    I. The Crime of Galileo
    II. The New Reality
    III. Names and Forms
    IV. The New Universe
    V. The Knight of the Rueful Countenance
    VI. Toward New Mythologies
    Chapter 10. The Earthly Paradise
    I. All the Gods within You
    II. Symbolization
    Reference Notes