Holoubek, E: Eurobonds Guide: Will They Help Us out of the E

There are many books about Eurobonds and economic crisis, so why would the author write another one? The reason is the author's intention to develop a better understanding of the current economic crisis that followed the financial crisis of 2008/2009, and the subsequent sovereign debt crisis of 2010/2011. Further, the author will provide a good solution that could be a response by the European Union.
The first part of this book focuses on financial systems, gives a general overview, and discusses the reasons for the importance of the efficiency of the financial system for the economy. On the basis of some information about the current economic crisis – a combination of sovereign debt crisis, the euro project fault-lines and fragility of banks – this book provides an insight into the difficult European situation, and the resulting consequences for the EU. Moreover, the author gives an overview of the current situation on the European bond market, and an introduction into the debate about a possible creation of a common European bond market. The main part focuses on the Eurobond proposals, and the common issuance of euro area Member States sovereign bonds. The aim of this work is to provide an in-depth understanding of the main models and the most discussed proposals. In the summary, the theories and solutions are discussed that were developed from different groups in order to solve European problems.
Based on pros and cons, and in connection with considerations of the author, the following three core questions will be answered: What could be the role of Eurobonds in solving the current economic crisis? What could be the role of Eurobonds within the euro area financial system? Could Eurobonds be a durable and equitable solution for a common European bond market? The book ends with an outlook that envisions prospects for Europe.

Elisabeth Holoubek was born in Helsinki in 1961. She studied Business Informatics at the University of Vienna, and graduated with a master's degree (Mag.rer.soc.oec), in 1988. After she had gained many years of experience as a Software Engineer and Project Manager in the IT branch, she began with two postgraduate MBA studies in Project and Process Management as well as Banking at the WU Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During her studies, she developed an increasing interest into the analysis of the causes and effects of the current economic crisis. Especially, as a mother of three sons, she was worried about the rocketing European youth unemployment, and therefore keen to develop a model which could help to keep political stability, and to increase economic growth in Europe. Her first book's focus is on Eurobonds which have been suggested in order to tackle the European crisis.

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