Contemporary Dualism

A Defense

Andrea; Robinson, Howard Lavazza

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Andrea Lavazza is a research fellow at the Centro Universitario Internazionale, Italy. Howard Robinson is CEU Provost/Academic Pro-Rector of the Central European University, Hungary and Professor of Philosophy and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool, UK.


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Reihe Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy
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  • 1. IntroductionAndrea Lavazza and Howard RobinsonPart 1: The Limits of Materialism 2. Against Physicalism Uwe Meixner 3. Problems of Physicalism Regarding the Mind Andrea Lavazza 4. Materialism, Dualism, and the Conscious Self David Lund Part 2: Dualism and Empirical Research 5. Neuroscience: Dualism in Disguise Riccardo Manzotti and Paolo Moderato 6. Quantum Theory of Mind Henry P. Stapp 7. A Dualist Account of Phenomenal Concepts Martina Fürst Part 3: Cartesian (Substance) Dualism 8. What makes me me? A Defence of Substance Dualism Richard Swinburne 9. Naturalism and the Unavoidability of the Cartesian Perspective Howard M. Robinson 10. On What We Must Think Ralph C.S. Walker Part 4: Non-Cartesian Dualism 11. The Promise and Sensibility of Integrative Dualism Charles Taliaferro 12. The Dialectic of Soul and Body William Hasker 13. Dualism, Dual-Aspectism, and the Mind David Skrbina 14. Why My Body is Not Me: The Unity Argument for Emergentist Self–Body Dualism E.J. Lowe