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The Price of Glory

Verdun 1916; Revised Edition

Alistair Horne

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The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916 is the second book of Alistair Horne's trilogy, which includes The Fall of Paris and To Lose a Battle and tells the story of the great crises of the rivalry between France and Germany. The battle of Verdun lasted ten months. It was a battle in which at least 700,000 men fell, along a front of fifteen miles. Its aim was less to defeat the enemy than bleed him to death and a battleground whose once fertile terrain is even now a haunted wilderness. Alistair Horne's classic work, continuously in print for over fifty years, is a profoundly moving, sympathetic study of the battle and the men who fought there. It shows that Verdun is a key to understanding the First World War to the minds of those who waged it, the traditions that bound them and the world that gave them the opportunity. 'Verdun was the bloodiest battle in history ... The Price of Glory is the essential book on the subject'
Sunday Times 'It has almost every merit ... Horne sorts out complicating issues with the greatest clarity. He has a splendid gift for depicting individuals'
A.J.P. Taylor, Observer 'A masterpiece'
The New York Times 'Compellingly told ... Alastair Horne uses contemporary accounts from both sides to build up a picture of heroism, mistakes, even farce'
Sunday Telegraph 'Brilliantly written ... very readable; almost like a historical novel - except that it is true'
Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery One of Britain's greatest historians, Sir Alistair Horne, CBE, is the author of a trilogy on the rivalry between France and Germany, The Price of Glory, The Fall of Paris and To Lose a Battle, as well as a two-volume life of Harold Macmillan.

One of Britain’s greatest historians, Sir Alistair Horne, CBE, is the author of several famous books on French history as well as a two-volume life of Harold Macmillan.


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  • The Price Of GloryPreface

    1. La Débâcle 2. Joffre of the Marne 3. Falkenhayn 4. Operation Gericht 5. The Waiting Machine 6. The First Day 7. The Fall of Colonel Driant 8. Breakthrough 9. Fort Douaumont 10. De Castelnau Decides 11. Pétain 12. The Take-over 13. Reappraisals 14. The Mort Homme 15. Widening Horizons 16. In Another Country 17. The Air Battle 18. The Crown Prince 19. the Triumvirate 20. 'May Cup' 21. Fort Vaux 22. Danger Signals 23. The Secret Enemies 24. The Crisis 25. Falkenhayn Dismissed 26. The Counterstrokes 27. The New Leader 28. Aftermath

    Epilogue Bibliography of Principal Sources Reference Notes Index