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Extreme Scoping

An Agile Approach to Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Larissa Moss

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Do your business intelligence (BI) projects take too long to deliver? Is the value of the deliverables less than satisfactory? Do these projects propagate poor data management practices?
If you screamed "yes" to any of these questions, read this book to master a proven approach to building your enterprise data warehouse and BI initiatives. Extreme Scoping, based on the Business Intelligence Roadmap, will show you how to build analytics applications rapidly yet not sacrifice data management and enterprise architecture. In addition, all of the roles required to deliver all seven steps of this agile methodology are explained along with many real-world examples.
From Wayne Eckerson's Foreword
I've read many books about data warehousing and business intelligence (BI). This book by Larissa Moss is one of the best. I should not be surprised. Larissa has spent years refining the craft of designing, building, and delivering BI applications. Over the years, she has developed a keen insight about what works and doesn't work in BI. This book brings to light the wealth of that development experience. Best of all, this is not some dry text that laboriously steps readers through a technical methodology. Larissa expresses her ideas in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. I highlighted so many beautifully written and insightful paragraphs in her manuscript that it became comical. I desperately wanted the final, published book rather than the manuscript so I could dog-ear it to death and place it front-and-center in my office bookshelf!
From David Well's Foreword
Extreme Scoping is rich with advice and guidance for virtually every aspect of BI projects from planning and requirements to deployment and from back-end data management to front-end information and analytics services. Larissa is both a pragmatist and an independent thinker. Those qualities come through in the style of this book. Extreme Scoping is a well-written book that is easy to absorb. It is not full of surprises. It is filled with a lot of common sense and lessons learned through experience.

"As data warehousing has matured, the methodologies and the development approaches for the building of the data warehouse has also matured. This book by Larissa Moss Extreme ScopingTM represents the evolution of methodology. Larissa is absolutely correct in saying that the development approach for data warehouse is fundamentally different from the development approach for applications. There is much wisdom in this book. I highly recommend it." -- Bill Inmon, 23 April 2013 "For over a decade, one voice has consistently called for the use of agile methodology for BI and Data Warehousing. Larissa Moss has written several books and given numerous public classes on this topic. Organizations that have taken heed have benefited from her guidance. Organizations that have disregarded agile methodology continue to struggle. This new book gives even greater insight into the successful implementation of the agile method." -- Derek Strauss, Chief Data Officer, TD Ameritrade "Extreme Scoping is a methodology and approach to enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence that is perfect for 21st century organizations of any size or industry. By combining the foundations of data management and data analysis with the agile methods of rapid releases and user-centric delivery for business intelligence, Larissa Moss has given new life to the development path for any decision support initiative. Written from the perspective of an industry expert and practitioner who has delivered many successful EDW/BI projects, Ms. Moss Extreme Scoping combines the best aspects of many other methodologies into one manageable and proven approach to meeting business needs with data warehousing and business intelligence. This book is a valuable addition to the field, and should be used by all DW/BI professionals." -- Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D., Enterprise Information Management Consultant "A wonderful Practitioners Guide, chock-full of great tips to help make your data warehouse projects successful. I learned some great new ideas, and reinforced lessons I had learned. A must read!" -- Bonnie K ONeil, Data Architect & co-author, Business Metadata


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