Tales of the Internet Romance of Dhalia Hunter & Tyne Reeves

The Internet was just booming with AOL© “you’ve got mail” and chat rooms popping up for every desire one could imagine. One fateful afternoon Dhalia found herself in a music chat room where people were talking about the Dead Milk Men, a very cool punk band out of Seattle. And there he was, full of sarcastic charm and youthful manner mixed with a bit of an artist edge. Illusive he knowingly dangled the bait just enough to entice; she was consumed.

Through his email letters, Dhalia truly believed she found her one and only in Tyne. She envisioned him as tall and dark exuding a triple shot of mystery which she was obsessed to unwrap. Also somewhat shy and reserved, he was a contradictory yearning to break free and give himself fully in satisfying her insatiable sexual appetite. They were equally consumed with discovering one another and were deaf to anyone who would attempt to stand in their way.

Book One, The Letters are the love letters Tyne so masterfully crafted to Dhalia - the beginning of their seemingly unbreakable connection.
Danielle Kennedy gilt als eine der erfolgreichsten Sales Professionals und Unternehmensberaterinnen der USA. Regelmäßige TV-Auftritte.
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