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Proceedings of the First NEC Symposium, Hakone and Kawasaki, Japan, October 20–23, 1986

Springer Series in Materials Science Band 4

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This volume contains the proceedings of the first in a series of biennial NEC Symposia on Fundamental Approaches to New Material Phases sponsored by the NEC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. The symposium was held Octo ber 20-22, 1986, at Hakone Kanko Hotel in Hakone near Mt. Fuji, and on October 23 at NEC Laboratories in Kawasaki, Japan. About 40 partic ipants stayed together at the symposium sites during this period. They enjoyed intense and wide-ranging discussions in a conference room facing Mt. Fuji and the beautiful lake Ashinoko extending from the foot of the slope in the old crater. The title of the volume, Microclusters, means microscopic aggregates consisting of a few tens through a few hundreds of atoms. Microclusters, which are too big to be described as inorganic molecules but too small to have translational symmetry, are expected to show exotic properties which can be found in neither molecules nor solids. In the past few years the research field of microclusters has shown rapid and epoch-making de velopment. This is partly due to rapid development of the experimental techniques which have enabled the production of relatively dense, non interacting microclusters of various sizes in the form of cluster beams, thus allowing measurement of the properties of a free microcluster of a given size.


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Herausgeber Satoru Sugano, Yuichiro Nishina, Shuhei Ohnishi
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ISBN 978-3-642-83066-2
Verlag Springer Berlin
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  • I Shell Model.- Shell Structure in Clusters.- SIMS Experiments on Metal Cluster Ions.- Stability of Alkali Metal Clusters.- II Electronic Structure.- Electron Correlations and Chemical Bonding in Aggregates — a Simplified Approach.- Phenomenological and Microscopic Theories of Structure.- Electronic Structure of Microclusters.- Electronic Structure of Small Clusters.- Electronic Structure, Cohesion, and Effective Interatomic Potentials in Small Transition Metal Particles.- Force Calculation in Density Functional and Muffin-Tin Orbital Framework.- The Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Clusters.- Theoretical Study of the Electronic Structure of CO Adsorbed on Small Cu Clusters.- III New Experiments.- Optical and Dynamical Properties of Metal Clusters.- Molecular Surfaces: Chemistry and Physics of Gas Phase Clusters.- Multiphoton Ionization of Sodium Halide Clusters.- Dynamical Aspects of Molecular Clusters Studied by Multiphoton Ionization Technique.- Production of Metal Clusters by Nozzle Beam Expansion and Analysis by TOF Mass Spectrometry.- Size Dependence of Photoluminescence in CdSe Clusters.- IV Dynamical Processes.- Equilibrium Structures and Dynamical Processes in Microclusters.- Many Body Effects on Static and Dynamical Properties of Si, C, and K Microclusters.- Total Energy Surfaces: (S8)n.- Theoretical Study on Photodissociation Processes of Lithium Metal Microclusters.- Ionization of Clusters in Collision with High-Rydberg Excited Rare Gas Atoms.- Theory of Electron Attachment of Van der Waals Microclusters.- Time Evolution of Electronic States in Microclusters.- V Structural Fluctuations.- Some Experiments on Structural Instability of Small Particles of Metals.- Melting and Freezing of Microclusters from Analytics and Simulations.- Dynamics of Transition-Metal Clusters.- VI Larger Microclusters.- Energy-Level Statistics of Metal Particles.- Cluster Reaction from the Viewpoint of Nuclear Reaction.- Stability of a Charged Small Particle Against Surface Shape Fluctuations.- VII Semiconductor Clusters.- Production and Photofragmentation of Semiconductor Clusters and Cluster Ions.- Dynamical Characteristics of Laser Vaporization Process in Group IV Elements.- Localized Orbital Approach to Carbon Clusters.- Electronic and Structural Theory of Group-IV Microclusters.- Effects of Electrostatic Field on the Electronic Structure of Microclusters.- Quantum Box: Gallium Arsenide Microclusters Embedded in Aluminum Arsenide.- Electronic Structure of the Superatom.- Index of Contributors.- Picture of Participants.