The Awakening

Complete, Authoritative Text With Biographical, Historical, and Cultural Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Contemporary Critical Perspectives

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This revision of a widely adopted critical edition presents the 1969 Seyersted text of Kate Chopin's novel along with critical essays that introduce students to "The Awakening" from the perspectives of feminism, gender (new essay), new historical, deconstructionist, and reader response criticism. An additional new essay demonstrates how various approaches can be combined. The text and essays are complemented by introductions to "The Awakening" and to the criticism, a glossary of critical terms, and (for the first time) contextual documents.

NANCY A. WALKER is Professor of English at Vanderbilt University.
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  • About the Series.- About this Volume.- PART ONE: THE AWAKENING: THE COMPLETE TEXT IN CULTURAL CONTEXT Introduction: Biographical and Historical Contexts.- The Complete Text.- Cultural Documents:.- Two Contemporary Reviews of The Awakening.- Advertisements from Women's Magazines.- Fashion Plates from Women's Magazines.- A People who Live Amid Romance; R. McEnery Stuart (Ladies Home Journal, December 1896).- The Artist and Marriage (The Atlantic Monthly, January 1899).- What it Means to be a Wife; H. Watterson Moody (Ladies Home Journal, March 1899).- The True Meaning of Motherhood; H. Watterson Moody (Ladies Home Journal, May 1899).- What Women Find to do All Day (Ladies Home Journal, April 1899).- The Evolution of Woman in the South; W. Gregory (Godey's Magazine, October 1897).- PART TWO: THE AWAKENING: A CASE STUDY IN CONTEMPORARY CRITICISM Feminist Criticism and The Awakening.- A Feminist Perspective: Tradition and the Female Talent: The Awakening as a Solitary Book; E. Showalter.- The New Historicism and The Awakening.- A New Historicist Perspective: Personal Property: Exchange Value and the Female Self in The Awakening; M. Stange.- Gender Criticism and The Awakening.- A Gender Perspective: The Metaphorical Lesbian: Edna Pontellier in The Awakening; E. LeBlanc.- Deconstruction and The Awakening.- A Deconstructionist Perspective: 'A Language Which Nobody Understood': Emancipatory Strategies in The Awakening; P. S. Yaeger.- Reader-Response and The Awakening.- A Reader-Response Perspective: The Construction of Ambiguity in The Awakening: A Linguistic Analysis; P. A. Treichler.- Combining Critical Perspectives: Un-Utterable Longing: The Discourse of Feminine Sexuality in Kate Chopin's The Awakening; C. Griffin Wolff.- Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms.- About the Contributors.
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