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Bloodletting Therapy in Chinese Medicine

The first text on bloodletting therapy for Western practitioners of Chinese medicine, this authoritative introduction explores the history, theory and function of the practice. Through the exploration of classic texts and contemporary standards, it provides everything needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technique.
Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc, Dipl OM, is a licensed, professional practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Dr. McCann studied at the New England School of Acupuncture, and then completed his doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine with specialities in women's health and geriatric medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Prior to his training in medicine he finished a BA and BM at Oberlin College and was a Fulbright fellow to Japan. Dr. McCann is on faculty at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine doctoral program, and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In addition to his regular teaching responsibilities, he has taught bloodletting therapy and other advanced topics in Chinese Medicine in Ireland, Germany, Holland, Austria, and Indonesia. He is the co-author of a clinical manual of Tung's acupuncture as well as the author of numerous scholarly articles on all aspects of Chinese Medicine.
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  • Foreword by Heiner Freuhauf. 1. Introduction. 2. An Overview and History of Bloodletting Therapy. 3. Bloodletting in the Huang Di Nei Jing. 4. Essential Chinese Medical Theory Related to Bloodletting. 5. Functions of Bloodletting. 6. Bloodletting Materials and Methods. 7. Commonly Bled Acupuncture Points. 8. Special Point Categories and Combinations. 9. Bloodletting in the Treatment of Chronic Disease. 10. Tung Lineage Bloodletting. 11. Treatment of Compound Patterns with Bloodletting and Acupuncture. 12. Ending Thoughts. Appendix 1. Tung Lineage Points on the Posterior Trunk. Appendix 2. Tung Lineage Points Referenced in Text. Appendix 3. Points Listed for Bloodletting in the Xun Jing. References. Point Index. General Index. About the Author.
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