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Sergei Rachmaninoff

A Lifetime in Music

Sergei Bertensson, Jay Leyda

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Throughout his career as composer, conductor, and pianist, Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) was an intensely private individual. When Bertensson and Leyda's 1956 biography appeared, it lifted the veil of secrecy from several areas of Rachmaninoff's life, especially concerning the genesis of his compositions and how their critical reception affected him.

The authors consulted many of Rachmaninoff's associates. Given full access to the Rachmaninoff Archive at the Library of Congress, they were tireless in their pursuit of privately held documents, particularly correspondence. David Cannata's new introduction summarizes what has happened in Rachmaninoff scholarship since the book was first published.

Sergei Bertensson, who knew Rachmaninoff, published works on music and film, often with a documentary emphasis.

Jay Leyda wrote extensively on Russian Music and film, as well as on American literature.

David Butler Cannata is Professor of Music History at Esther Boyer College of Music, Temple University.


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  • Introduction to the 2000 Reprint, by David Cannata

    Part I
    1. Zverev and His Cubs
    2. A New Family
    3. Aleko and "Free Artist"
    4. Deaths and Failure
    5. Second Concerto
    6. Imperial Theater
    7. Operas and Projects
    8. Dresden
    9. Europe
    10. First American Tour
    11. "Re" and The Bells
    12. War and Night Vigil

    Part II
    13. Virtuoso
    14. Ties with Russia
    15. The Composer Resumes
    16. Work and Rest
    17. Exile Reinforced
    18. Senar and Rapsodie
    19. The "Russian" Symphony
    20. The Composer Rebuffed
    21. Retreat from Europe
    22. Symphonic Dances
    23. California

    Notes on the Text
    Appendix 1. Works